Thursday, 10 December 2015

Bonus Quote of the Day: On how to target Islam

“The British outlawed & pretty much eliminated the practice of 'sati' in India (wife having to throw herself on the funeral pyre of her dead husband). They did not aim at the religion/culture itself, but simply at one of its practices & manifestations. And made -- rightly -- no bones about it (eventually).
“I think the same tactic could be applied to Islam. The focus needs be on the idea that it's ok to kill non-believers in the name of your god. That idea needs be identified and specifically outlawed, and overwhelming force applied swiftly in retribution to any that act upon it. It also means isolation of & no dealings with any group – looking at you Iran – that promotes or holds it.
In this way, Islam is not the problem, but a specific Islamic belief is – which I think is the case.”

~ Sam P. commenting here yesterday on the post “Islamist extremism: the menace many dare not speak by name”

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  1. In the spirit of goodwill to muslims this linked site has 13 Christmas gift ideas for our muslim friends
    Joke collection
    I'm sure they'll appreciate the caring and be mirthful


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