Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Top to the bottom.

Labour finance minister Michael Cullen says that "it is wrong" for railways to make a profit.  Which means it's to be propped up by businesses that do.

Meanwhile, Labour Hunua candidate Jordan Carter tells the world he "wouldn’t go into business if my life depended on it," not realising that it does.  "I find trade immoral," says the socialist prick. If he considers it at all, which is doubtful, then like his hero he presumably expects "immoral" private businesses that do trade and make profits to prop up his favourite government-run sluggards that don't. 

These two views are united by Cullen's "rich prick" insult in the house.  From the top to the bottom, the Labour Party is infested with the idea that making money is immoral, that wealth is immoral, that profits are immoral ... and at the same time, that those who do make money should have it stolen from them to prop up those who don't.  People like themselves.  People who will never ever be able to say of anything except ignominy, "I earned it."

What they fail to realise is the immorality of making a loss.  What they fail to appreciate is the morality of those who do.  What they completely fail to understand is the meaning of money.

NB: No point in saying any more about the rail sale -- I said most of what I wanted to say yesterday.


  1. This is a great post PC!

    It makes me physically SICK to think there are people running our lives and the country with views like this!

    It is just so immoral and WRONG! How can they SLEEP? Do they have no conscience?
    Do they DREAM about how much of other peoples MONEY and PROPERTY they can get their hands on the next day?
    It really repulses me that people think like this and believe it is RIGHT!

    If this is GODS OWN COUNTRY, then he is WELCOME to it - If he made these CREATURES, he can have them!

  2. If nothing else, this sort of pronouncement (no-nousment) by our Finance Minister will do wonders for the pharmaceutical industry. Tomahawk was feeling sick...my blood pressure is up...

    I am reminded of an old joke: how do create a small business? Buy a big one and wait.


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