Monday, 28 April 2008

Higher wages need higher taxes?

The Labour Party's Hunua candidate fails basic economics.  Put your laughing gear on and head over to this 'Higher Incomes Need Higher Wages' post at Jordan Carter's Just Left blog (yes folks, this is Labour's official Hunua candidate), and maybe stay around to help his commenters shoot all the fish in his barrel-- and make sure you bookmark his site it so you don't miss out on further mirth over the coming months.

Oh, and by the way, young Jordan has said some interesting things already in his short and ignoble political career, as Whale Oil steadily catalogues . . .  my favourite is this one selected by Cactus Kate: "I wouldn’t go into business if my life depended on it. I find trade immoral."


  1. Elijah Lineberry28 Apr 2008, 14:30:00

    I see the comments on his weblog are dismissive of this idiot.

    He has no credibility left, and if he hates 'trade' so much why is he a candidate in an electorate with a large number of self employed people?!?!

  2. Technicaly workers also make use of Capitalism (selling their time for an agreed upon sum money).

    They're just pretty bad at it.

  3. "I find trade immoral."

    Its so horrifying I can't even laugh at it.

  4. Is this guy serious...?

  5. Can the taxpayer get a refund from his postgraduate Economics education?

    The History Professor isn't even dumb enough to make comments like this and even though made as a young buck, you just don't lose such opinions, over time they usually get stronger.

  6. Taxpayer funded postgrad Econ education?!

    I did a micro stage two econ paper (ahem! I topped the exam. ahem!) with him - there's no way he got into the BCom(Hons.) or MCom p/g programs.

  7. If he finds trade immoral, can't everyone boycott him? Presumably this should mean he can't buy anything either.

    Let's not trade with Jordan, he can beg or make everything he needs himself.

  8. Let's see how long he survives without trade. In fact, without any human contact at all -because living around humans is, in effect, a form of trade.

  9. Just a little correction there Callum.

    All voluntary contact between humans is a form of trade.

    This means Jordan would prefer it if all his contacts with other people were involuntary.

    I say we go smash up his house.


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