Thursday, 2 November 2006

Burying Botha

Liberty Scott does the job on the late and unlamentable PW Botha. There is no reason to mourn his departure, says Scott. None at all.
Botha will be remembered as the last dinosaur, the last South African President to still believe that the black African majority deserved little more than to be relocated and told to shut up.

And you wonder why I cheer the death of anyone? People died because of Botha, in their thousands. He ruined the lives of thousands of people, and did nothing to bridge the divide across South Africa. He could have taken steps to abolish apartheid, instead of [installing] separate racial parliaments, he could have integrated [those labelled as] Coloured and Indian citizens with the white minority politically as a first step - he didn't - he was racist, irrational and a fascist bully. There is no reason to give his memory any respect.
Scott comes to bury Botha, not to praise him. And why wouldn't you?

LINK: Cheering the death of a dictator - Liberty Scott

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