Thursday 30 May 2024

“From ignorance of these truths of political economy arise many of the worst social evils … “


There can be no doubt that it is most desirable to disseminate knowledge of the truths of political economy through all classes of the population by any means which may be available. From ignorance of these truths arise many of the worst social evils — disastrous strikes and lockouts, opposition to improvements, improvidence, misguided charity, and discouraging failure in many well-intentioned measures.”

~ William Stanley Jevons, from his 1880 book Political Economy

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Anonymous said...

I used to think I was libertarian, I perceived them as a more "constitutionally" focused group. [even though republics are worst forms of govt, Republics are ALWAYS the worst form of government for they always collapse into oligarchies. Ironically, Monarchies and Dictatorships are less prone to corruption for the leaders have the power and need not sell themselves to win the next election. Corruption was so pervasive in 53BC, that interest rates doubled because politicians were borrowing to pay bribes for the election. Such is the fate of all Republics.]... the LP has always had an issue in that their stance is basically no stance. Most people are natural followers and need a leader. In my opinion we need a violent gutting of the government in order to get  to its true democracy where we vote on everything ,term limits but the number one problem in outline below . Governance becomes an issue at scale. their scope grows too wide and we get what we have now. These wannabe aristocrat's and there real owners behind the crown facade are close to needing the guillotine. "our '' government [which it is not , their allegiance through the renamed round table agentuers of the RBNZ is the real number one problem ]  is absolutely inundated with "dual citizens" with Israel. no person in government should be allowed to have Any allegiance other than to the United States of America

I guarantee Cresswell has never read the the history of New Zealand's banking takeover and Its real Real owners, infact Cresswell  only shows how utterly ignorant at best  he is by the fact he has never bought up this subject which is the number one problem is NZand te western five eyes colonies. There may be 6 Kiwis in NZ at most that even are aware of Arthur Nelson Field or Kerry Bolton.  New Zealand's Problem is usury, Keynesian Economics which has now come to an end ,as every western govt is bankrupt and will very soon default on its sovereign debt, bonds. China is dumping NZ bonds because NZ five eyes are going to war with China as part of the American MIC.  And insurance Lloyd's of London do not pay out during war .so marsden point unless reinstated is a national security threat as international shippers will not deliver to NZ when war officially breaks out

They Pay NO CLAIMS in time of warSwitzerland-based Nord Stream AG filed a lawsuit against the insurers for refusing to compensate the company. Nord Stream estimated the cost incurred by the attack to be between €1.2 billion and €1.35 billion and is seeking to recoup over €400 million in damages. The insurers, Lloyd’s Insurance Company and Arch Insurance Company responded that since the Nord Stream explosions were “more likely than not to have been inflicted by… a government,” they have no responsibility to pay for damages to the pipelines.British insurers took the position that they have no obligation to honor their coverage of the Nord Stream pipelines because they were blown up in September 2022, because they were destroyed as an unprecedented act of sabotage, most likely carried out by a national government. They have contradicted reports of the Washington Post and others claiming that a private CIA team was responsible for the massive act of industrial sabotage. . In their legal brief, you can download