Saturday 6 July 2024

Why music is getting worse


Musician/music producer/music commentator Rick Beato explains the real reason much of music is getting worse.

Is this "old man yelling at clouds"?

Well, not really.

It's a man who's been around and seen a lot — a man who knows music — explaining why music is getting worse.

And the real reason is reasonably straightforward.


Ele Ludemann said...

I told some young people at a wedding that we were dancing to music I danced to when I was their age and asked them had there not been any decent music since then. One replied, not if you want to dance.

Phil S said...

Youth are choosing to listen to electronic music live with no voice. Entirely artificial. It just gets worse

Rex said...

“ There will be a time when technology becomes so advanced that we'll rely on it to make music rather than raw talent...and music will lose its soul.” Freddie Mercury