Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Even 'pretty inept' looks good compared to 'not at all' [updated]

"I wonder if even sensible regulation skeptics like Tyler Cowen realise just how bad things are. In a recent post, he suggests we should praise the UK’s efforts in distribution the vaccine. But the UK has done a horrendous job of distributing the vaccine; indeed Israel is doing the job 5 times faster.
    "So why does Tyler praise the UK? Because almost every country in the world is screwing up even worse than the UK. Regulation has made things so bad that even 'pretty inept' starts to look good on a comparative scale."
          ~ Scott Sumner from his post 'Regulation: It's Worse Than You Think'

UPDATE: As late as last November, Covid-Response Minister Chris Hipkins told TVNZ that New Zealand was "very well placed" to get its hands on successful vaccines for the virus. "Without going into detail I think we're in a very good place to ensure that as vaccines start to come to market New Zealand will be at the front of the queue to be getting vaccines," he said.
Front of the queue.

Yet now,  the New Zealand government officially only  plans to begin vaccination here in "the second quarter of 2021," beginning with border workers -- and then, all going well, vaccination of the general public is only planned to begin in "the second half of the year"...

[Hat tip HomePaddock]

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