Thursday, 31 May 2018

QotD: Too many sadly undereducated and ill-read former libertarians

" 'I used to believe in human liberty. But now I realise IQ is the one true faith.' ~ said by so many sadly undereducated and ill-read former libertarians."
~ Jeffrey Tucker.

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  1. I simply don't understand the idea that differing IQ amongst races or cultures has political implications. Even comparing the lowest IQ to the highest IQ person on earth, the difference between them is minor compared to the difference between a man and any other animal on earth. If man's mind (whatever an individuals particular strengths or limitations) is his defining attribute, a political system that allows a genius to thrive is the same political system that allows a low IQ person to thrive. It's like claiming that a difference between a Holden and a Ferrari in performance mean a completely different science of motor mechanics is required to understand each.


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