Thursday, 23 February 2017

Quote of the Day: On Milo


“Going by the public discourse, Milo is a Nazi and we should all punch him, or he's a hero and we should all buy his book. Why is everything a replay of [American] election 2016 over and over and over again? I thought the election was over. As then, I pick none of the above. But you all enjoy yourselves as you degrade our ability to engage in civil discourse. I'll be over here weeping for the fate of the republic.”
~ Mark V. Kormes



  1. Civil discourse is fine and should be encouraged wherever possible. But civil discourse is a foreign land to Yiannopoulos who gets his rocks off by bullying, denigrating, lying, doxing, plagiarising and a multitude of other sins well outside civil discourse.

    Yiannopoulos has the right to express his point of view, but he has no right to a platform. Free speech encompasses the right to fight back against hate speech.

    1. What heck is this hate speech? Is it consistently measurable in a useful manner or is it constantly evolving as you are offended by someone disagreeing with the latest poster cause? It so hard to walk the line of enlightened tolerance when it keeps veering off because someone suddenly offended by something decides it should rather than it needing to. The offended don't want to respond, they just want to ban up front


  2. David Cameron says launching UK air strikes against Islamic State militants in Syria will "make us safer".

    This guy is actually calling for the killing of people!!! Much worse than Milo. Where is the civil discourse!! He should not have been given a platform. Bloody BBC!


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