Thursday, 23 February 2017

Lying Phil Goff


Remember when Auckland mayor Phil Goff pledge to hold rates to 2.5%? As far back as 2015 he told Morning Report, "There is a limit to rate increases, and I think we've reached that limit.” That was just before Lying Len Brown and his cronies hiked them by 9.9%.

But far from acknowledging we are now well beyond the limit, Goff instead is following in the footsteps of his predecessor. We’re going to limit rates increases to 2.5%? No, stuff that. That was then. That was when he was campaigning for the mayor’s job. Now he has it, he doesn’t want to hold rates or cap rates or limit them. Quite the contrary. Just four months after being elected the lying piece of shit now wants to raise your rates by 16%. The council, he says, “is running out of alternatives to increasing rates by 16 percent next year.”

Here’s one very sound alternative, you toerag, and I can give it to you for nothing: Stop Spending So Goddamn Much.

Goff is a trough-dweller wholly ignorant even of how his trough gets filled.

People who vote for entities like this deserve them. The rest of us: we get punished.

Feel free to message the lying turd and tell him how you feel about his deception.



  1. Why would Phil cut spending, when spending other peoples money on his pet projects is so much more fun especially when you are in charge of a monopoly that can increase rates as you feel like it to cover any shortfall.

  2. In every economic activity where a monopoly is granted and competition is removed ,the impost keeps rising.Cities could compete for citizens but now a forced merger has taken place and we are stuck with a city heading for insolvency. Phil will give you everything you want and I hope you get it good and hard. Commerce commission and the reserve bank can both disappear and we will be no worse off.

  3. Here's another alternative. Sell the bloody airport. Sell down your "commercial asetts "
    NZ has reached a stage where too many are on the take from the state. Weakness at every turn guarantees there will be tears.


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