Monday, 23 May 2016

Do immigrants steal jobs?


Since everyone wants to comment on American immigration, now matter how little they know about it, let’s destroy three popular myths …

  1. that immigrants are a drag on economic actvity;
  2. that imigrants steal wages;
  3. that immigrants suppress wages:

[Hat tip Jim Rose]



  1. Immigrants may not do these three things, but they do take welfare, free healthcare, etc. So they are an additional burden

    1. No. As we've shown here repeatedly, they do not -- in aggregate, they pay their way.

      So: Next furphy please. (But this time have the courage to use your name.)

  2. yeah me. All Immigrants subject to inquisitorial face to face interview. If it looks like an Ahab, and it talks like an Ahab, if it ever points east the answer is no. And Whitehouse is a liberal pansy.


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