Thursday, 18 September 2014

The All-New, 100% Pure, Official 2014 Liberty-Lover’s Voting Guide [update 2]

Every MMP election you have two votes, and two questions: to whom should I give my party vote, and to whom should I give my electorate vote.

Well, three questions really, the this being: should I vote at all?

My default answer to this is always: don’t vote, it only encourages the bastards.

My default position on voting has always been not to vote for bastards. To vote only to vote for what I believe in. Voting for the lesser of two evils still results in evil. And voting against a greater evil just results in the folk you’re voting for ruling with the help of your blank cheque, and their pathetic claim for your mandate.

For every election since 1996, liberty lovers  been able to give their party mandate to something they could believe in, but now that option is gone I personally had been intending to stay home.

I’d been intending to stay home until I became bowled over by what I like to call New ACT.  Especially by their promise, finally, to abolish the RMA and replace it with common law.

Old ACT deserved to die. But David Seymour and Jamie Whyte are for once genuine liberty lovers, and Jamie Whyte has done an outstanding job of promoting policies that any liberty lover can get behind. I gave him four out of five; Liberty Scott gave them 8 out of 10. And as Lindsay Mitchell notes

There have been so many polls I missed the Colmar Brunton poll that has ACT on 1.2%.
That'll do it. I feel I can safely give them my party vote without wasting it.

To the incredulity of many of you who’ve read me tearing strips off this party for 18 years – and, truth be known to my own incredulity as well -- I’m now intending to do the same. I think you should too.
[UPDATE 1: Lindsay Perigo draws my attention to ACT’s 5-point plan now resiling from abolishing the RMA, and retreating back the weasel word of “reform.” Since driving a stake through the heart of that Act is my litmus test for a party’s support for property rights, my own personal bottom line, I’m now wavering from lending them my support until I have that clarified.
UPDATE 2: Clarification here.]

But what about your electorate vote?

Every election the irrepressible Liberty Scott offers readers the official rooting, tooting all-shooting liberty-lover voter’s guide to how to fill out your electoral ballot, with which I only ever have minor quibbles. (Mostly because he’s too nice to the bastards.) Same again this time except for two minor caveats.

First, given all National has done to Christchurch, if any Cantabrians even consider voting National they can quit moaning for ever about the state of their city.

Second, there’s no point recommending votes for the racist seats. The only thing to recommend there is abolition.

So with that done, let’s take a deep breath and dive right in …

Liberty Scott's 2014 New Zealand voting guide for lovers of liberty (IN PROGRESS)

My criteria:
1. Is there a positive candidate to endorse?
2. Is there a likely winner worthy of tactically voting to eject because he or she is so odious??
3. Is there a tolerable "least worst" candidate?
So I list by electorate, the status of the electorate and who I am endorsing, then if you care, an explanation why.  Just search for the name unless you want to have a very long read...  and of course I am happy to see contrary views expressed.  I am updating this as I am on a series of flights in the next couple of days, and it is dependent on the gap between flights, wifi access and access to laptop power...

Auckland Central
Marginal National
Strongly endorse Dasha Kovalenko (ACT)
Nicki Kaye is MP and she's up against the ambitious underachiever Jacinda Ardern. So what can you say?  Nicki Kaye lists her achievements which look like a porkbarrel list of money she has helped get dished out to her electorate.  Not one includes stopping a programme or project that was a waste of money, or any form of economising at all, and she advocates the multi-billion dollar underground rail loop that is a massive transfer from taxpayers to around 2% of Auckland commuters (and some of Auckland's wealthiest property owners).  I am keen for the National Party to have clever, principled, ambitious young MPs who can take the party forward.  Nicki Kaye isn't one of those.  Yes, the Nats want to have more women MPs, but Nicki Kaye could be a Labour MP in a Labour Government and you wouldn't know the difference. 

In fact you may as well have Jacinda Ardern, who with a BA in Communications (i.e. spin) she has spent her life working for Labour MPs, then working for the Blair/Brown government and was President of the International Union of Socialist Youth - an organisation that proudly includes in its membership the late Hugo Chavez's MAS party.  Ardern has never created a job nor worked in the private sector in her life.  However, as much as you may be tempted to vote for Kaye to keep Ardern out, remember they are both in.  Ardern is number 5 on the Labour list, and is out to become Helen Clark Mk II.

What would I do?  Forget this faux choice.  Vote Dasha Kovalenko of ACT.  Yes, another woman, She's a lawyer, yes she's also worked for government agencies, but is of Ukrainian/Russian heritage (her family having moved to NZ when she was a child) and is head and shoulders above the other two.  Take this post from her, clearly setting out the importance of having children when you can commit both the money and time to doing so.  So don't be seduced by the choice between tweedledum and tweedledee (for that is what Kaye and Ardern offer).  Give Dasha your positive endorsement.

Bay of Plenty
Strongly safe National
Moderately endorse Todd Muller (Nat
Tony Ryall is retiring, and good riddance,  but it is difficult to imagine Todd Muller of National not picking up the seat (he is only number 59 on the list so would be unlikely to get elected that way). About the only interesting thing about this seat is Brendan Horan is trying for it, but he has no chance (nor should he).  Muller's website doesn't load quickly (or at all). The Nats' website says he has a Masters degree, but not what in.  However he does seem to have extensive business experience.  The Labour candidate Clare Wilson has a profile of absolutely no information at all. It's a lazy effort from someone who knows she wont win.  United Future candidate Ben Rickard is a bit mixed wanting to legalise cannabis and raise the drinking age.  I'd give Muller a tick because he seems the "least worst" candidate.  The Nats can always do with more people who understand business.

Strongly safe National
Moderately endorse Ross (Nat)
I endorsed Jami-Lee Ross last time, and Peter Cresswell's response was "The problem with Mr Ross however is that he’d done nothing all his own life but spend other people’s money, and then vote for more of the same. Fuck him."  His website is too slow to be useful, and it is clear he didn't finish university, which would be interesting if he had gone into the private sector, but he didn't.  His achievement was the Employment Relations (Continuity of Labour) Amendment Bill, which allows employers to hire contractors in the event of a strike, which is a tick in his favour as this was endorsed by Libz.  His Labour opponent is an Azeri migrant with more experience of business than Ross, but who is a socialist.  So I'm giving Ross my endorsement again, albeit that he is high enough up the Nat’s list to get elected anyway at number 29.

Christchurch Central
Highly marginal National
Strongly endorse Severin (ACT)  
Nicky Wagner ousted Labour spinmeister Brendon Burns here, which I endorsed, but with the depopulation of downtown Christchurch, thanks to the central planning based policies of the government, she will have a battle on her hands.  Good. She is Minister of Customs and Minister of Statistics, and in both there hasn't been the slightest sign of the state pulling back,  people are still prosecuted for not filling in a form (the census).  She is proudly a key tax collector.  Given the abject failure to let Christchurch property owners gain access to their businesses and let the city develop spontaneously, she does not deserve your vote.  Tony Milne, the Labour candidate, volunteered for the Obama campaign and the Jim Anderton Mayoral campaign, he's an anti-gambling socialist, so isn't worth supporting, but is also not bad enouh  So give Toni Severin from ACT your vote. She's a small business owner, and the bigger the vote she gets, the greater the signal to the Nats that their Soviet style approach to the Christchurch rebuild isn't supported.  Nicky Wagner at number 25 on the National list is unlikely to be out of a job yet though.

Christchurch East
Strongly safe Labour
Weakly endorse Hayes (Nat) 
Lianne Dalziel won last time then stood down to be Mayor, and the seat is now held by Poto Williams since last year.  She has an MBA and is doing a Doctor Thesis on Pacific Women Leadership.  She is clearly part of the leftwing swing that has taken over Labour in recent years. In her maiden speech she mentions the murder of James Whakaruru and then says it is "the sacred duty of government to care for its people" and then goes on to paint a picture of socialist utopia, where "My dream includes ensuring that we all have the same opportunities, the playing field is levelled".  She then claims that if only the state had supported James's mother, he presumably wouldn't have been beaten by a vacuum cleaner pipe. What outcome for him, if she had teenage pregnancy help and support for her mental wellbeing? What if bonding and attachment with her young baby had been encouraged and nurtured? What if she had access to training and resources and housing to raise her young child confidently? What if she had acted like a normal mother and stopped a man beating her son to death. Poto Williams is part of the problem, she excuses brutality by there not being "enough support", rather than by protecting young children from brutes and the imbeciles who invite them into their homes to abuse their kids.  She works in this sector, which makes me half wonder if she wouldn't do less harm being an MP than supporting those who are not fit to be parents, but no - I don't want her making laws.  The choice here is simple,Jo Hayes is the National candidate, she is Maori, a recently elected list MP (because Katrina Shanks dropped out) and has a science degree, although has largely worked in the public and "community" sectors.  There is little to indicate she is pro-liberty, but Poto Williams most certainly is not. Hayes did well standing in Dunedin last time, so vote Jo Hayes to try to unseat Williams.  Otherwise, you could always tick Robert Wilkinson of the ALCP; he's suggested legalising cannabis in Christchurch to help boost the local economy, but my pick is that Williams is bad enough to focus on unseating her.

Clutha Southland
Strongly safe National
Strongly support Nicolson (ACT) 
This is Bill English's seat, but he's pulling out of constituency work to concentrate on spending your money.  Todd Barclay is a shoo in here, given English got more than 2 out of 3 votes in 2011.  Barclay's career has been to work in Bill English's office, work in PR and to be Corporate Affairs manager for a tobacco company.  This anointing of a successor who has spent most of his life spinning either for politicians or tobacco isn't a reason to give him a tick.  Don Nicolson of ACT deserves your support, as an advocate for private property rights and opponent of corporatist subsidies.  I am doubting that Barclay is either of those.  
Did I mention Labour? No, why would I?

Safe National
Weakly support Simpson (Nat) 
Scott Simpson of the Nats is likely to win here again, partly because Green moonbat Catherine Delahunty peels away so many votes that would go to Labour, given Jeanette Fitzsimons once convinced enough halfwits to put her in here..  The Labour candidate worked for the French Embassy and is unimpressive,  Simpson is unimpressive, but inoffensive. ACT's candidate David Olsen is much the same, so given he has no chance of winning, I'm weakly endorsing Simpson given the Greens may well come second here this time, and his maiden speech, after a lot of waffle, did say many of the right things.  
Hopefully next term he might get to do something about them.

Dunedin North
Moderately safe Labour
Weakly support Woodhouse (Nat)
Labour's David Clark succeeded the formidable Pete Hodgson here. He's not a typical Labour MP, being a Presbyterian Minister, but he's a socialist, thinking the country bakes an economic pie, and some get "too much".  This is just complete nonsense, we all bake our own pies, but some want some of others'.  The two independent candidates haven't figure out how to set up their own websites yet.  The National candidate is list MP Michael Woodhouse, who wasn't honest about his family history, but he did support voluntary student union membership vocally.  Given Clark is so left-wing, I'd weakly endorse Woodhouse to try to oust Clark, who at 26 on the list may not make it if Labour has a bad night.

Dunedin South
Moderately safe Labour
Strongly support Hamish Walker (Nat) 
The odious Clare Curran is standing again, like I said last time she is a vile little PR hack who would be in a Dirty Politics book written by a journalist rather than a Marxist hack.  She looks for poor people to pimp politically,claims her opponents are homophobic and nasty and had allegedly been approached to join the Kim Dotcom party.  She is well to the left, wanting to tax websites to pay for state authorised content.  This hardened Marxist is so toxic you'd wonder why a certain "journalist" didn't mention her in his book? Hamish Walker from National is the candidate most likely to evict her AND she isn't on the party list.  He started his own property business, worked entirely in the private sector has degrees in accountancy and a diploma in film and television (yes yes I know).  
He's worth a vote to get rid of Curran.

East Coast
Moderately safe National
It's the Anne Tolley, Moana Mackey contest... again. I was first aware of Tolley as a screeching censorship advocate, to protect children (of course), and more lately she has advocated censoring information about school performance to placate unions.  She's an idiot, and an authoritarian.  Moana Mackey is an underachieving Marxist who has made little impact. There is no ACT or ALCP candidate, the NZ First candidate thinks reopening the railway to Gisborne makes sense, and the Conservative candidate signs up to the whole authoritarian conservative agenda. The other parties are beyond the pale, so in East Coast, tick ACT and leave the other one blank.

East Coast Bays
Strongly safe National
Conservative minded voted will be tempted by Colin Craig.  Yes if he won this seat it would secure National a coalition partner.  Would it?  Colin Craig has since said he'd work with Labour (but that would have to be unlikely), and although his advocacy for a tax free threshold and one law for all have some merit, it's clear that behind this all is a desire to legislate.  You wont see any thought for state surveillance, freedom of speech or any hesitation to change the burden of proof for some criminal offences with him. So no.  Then there is Murray McCully.  Ugh.  Labour's Greg Milner-White is a lawyer with a background in planning and environmental protection.  Double ugh.  So Colin Craig looks good now?  I couldn't do it, nor should you.

Marginal ACT
David Seymour
Quite simply.  Forget John Banks, forget Rodney Hide. David Seymour is a genuine defender of individual freedom.  He deserves your unreserved support, not just because he'll get the reformed ACT back in Parliament,  but because he actually is a principled supporter of less government, unlike the incumbent. [True story. And he’s also a very fine chap – Ed.]

Hamilton East
Safe National
Ron Smith (ACT)  
David Bennett isn't a bad MP, his literature focuses on roads which, given what others focus on, isn't bad (and the roads he is pushing for are all reasonably worthwhile).  The Labour candidate Cliff Allen has a Ph.D in "business social responsibility" (barf) who is forecasting coming disasters.   You shouldn't feel bad choosing Bennett, but I'd pick ACT's Ron Smith because Bennett's majority is solid enough that he wont be at risk, and Ron is keen to take on environmental activism and promote a flat tax.

Hamilton West
Marginal National
Sara Muti (ACT)  
This is a tougher one.  The awful Sue Moroney does have a chance of picking this up from Tim Macindoe.  However Macindoe is no friend of freedom, he was in United Future (a sure sign of wetness), is in the BlueGreens and was against same sex marriage.  SO vote for Sara Muti of ACT, she's a keen advocate of free markets and spreading "classical liberal" ideas.

Strongly safe National
Phelan Pirrie (ACT)
Phelan Pirrie of ACT supports private property rights and lower taxes.  John Key could do with a signal that his opponents are just the slobbering Marxist mobs, and Pirrie could do with beating both the certifiable Penny Bright and the evil Laila Harre.

Strongly safe National
Ian Cummings (ACT)

Paul Hutchinson is leaving thankfully, so the question is whether the Nat's Andrew Bayly is worthy of your vote.  His profile indicates he is out to seek more pork for his electorate.  ACT is putting up Ian Cummings who says "A terrifying common presumption held by our current crop of politicians is that they believe the government has a higher claim on our property and person than we do". Better than Bayly

Hutt South
Safe Labour
Chris Bishop (Nat)  
Jan Pajak the independent, is mad.  Trevor Mallard deserves to get a real job, and sadly ACT's Grae O'Sullivan doesn't have enough online for me to give that person (he/she?) a tick.  Take a gamble, choose Chris Bishop of National [or just leave that side of the ballot blank – Ed.].
UPDATE:  It’s complicated, but you might want to vote Chris Bishop to give Hone Harawira’s opponent Kelvin Davis another chance at getting into the Big House.

Strongly safe National
Gareth Veale (ACT)
Do you really want to endorse Gauleiter Brownlee after the lost opportunity and pathetic failure to let Christchurch rebuild itself, rather than let planners and bureaucrats constrain it?  No.  James Dann for Labour is providing a challenge, and he is known for a blog on rebuilding Christchurch called just that, although there isn't much said about property rights or entrepreneurship there (surprise surprise).  So you can tick ACT's Gareth Veale instead.
It wont hurt Gerry (Stockholm Syndrome = Christchurch), but it is a vote for less government.

Safe National
Sarah Dowie (Nat)
The Nats have put up Sarah Dowie to replace Eric Roy.  Dopey Lesley Soper for Labour is having another shot at this seat.  There is no ACT or ALCP candidate here so I'm giving Dowie the benefit of the doubt in the [overly optimistic – Ed.] hope that fresh younger candidates can refresh the National Party.

Strongly safe National
Richard Evans (ACT)
Unremarkable Nat MP Colin King was de-selected for this election, so Richard Evans of ACT or Stuart Smith of the Nats.  Stuart Smith seems a reasonable chap, but he'll swoop in with no effort, so why not tick Richard Evans of ACT as he actually mentions the free market, positively!

New seat
Christopher Penk (Nat) 
This is likely to be a Labour seat based on the boundaries, so the question is whether you want to give Carmel Sepuloni a challenge.  Claudette Hauiti would have been the Nat candidate, but she was rightly replaced by Christopher Penk.  Penk is a lawyer associated with the Maxim Institute, which isn't exactly related to freedom, so he may be better suited to the Conservatives, but frankly his National profile just reflects the same inoffensive pablum of so many. Now Sepuloni is a nasty piece of work, and a vote for Penk to oust her can be justified.   That's what I would do, although Bruce Haycock of ACT is a respectable alternative if Penk just is a step too far. [Would be for me – Ed.]

Safe Labour
Richard Goode  (ALCP)
Kris Faafoi or Hekia Parata?  To hell with them both, vote for libertarian Richard Goode standing under the ALCP banner.  He believes in more than just legalising weed, he believes in a smaller state and so your vote will be principled. [And he was the fellow responsible for setting up this very blog, so he can’t be all bad – Ed.]

almost North-Korea-like safe for Labour
Misa Fia Turner (Nat)
Labour's Sua Sio will win this, but it is worth supporting Misa Fia Turner of National to vindicate National's de-selection of the disappointing Claudette Hauiti from this seat.  The Conservative candidate Edward Saafi says the ban of smacking has increased suicides and STDs.  Turner has said nothing outstanding, but Sua Sio is a big government statist, and Turner might be just a step better.

Manukau East
Strongly safe for Labour 
Kanwal Bakshi   (Nat)
Ross Robertson is standing down, so Labour is putting up Jenny Salesa, a bureaucrat and Obamatron, which says it all for vacuity and empty-headedness.  I supported National's Kanwal Bakshi last time given his business background and willingness to take voluntary steps to help his community, instead of lobbying the state to do it. Salesa will likely win, so let's narrow that gap a little.

Safe Labour
Louisa Wall is fairly secure here. She doesn't believe in property rights, she embraces the collective drone attitude of identity politics [but she did promote marriage equality – Ed.].  National has selected Simeon Brown to challenge her, but he has campaigned to ban synthetic cannabis and worked on restricting alcohol sales and meddling in planning decisions.  [A statist in embryo – Ed.] Ugh.  Abstain.

Marginal National
Peseta Sam Lotu-Iiga (Nat) 
Labour's Carol Beaumont is eying this seat, so keep it from her by voting for Peseta Sam Lotu-Iiga.  He seems to have worked hard locally, and keeping [the appaling – Ed.[ Beaumont out is a good enough reason to support him.

Mt Albert
Safe Labour
Tommy Fergusson (ACT) 
David Shearer or Melissa Lee?  Well, Shearer for all his merits couldn't avoid Silent T stabbing him in the front. And Melissa Lee? Well she's a disappointment as well.  Given Shearer is a shoo in, Tommy Fergusson of ACT is worth your vote, for encouragement.

Mt Roskill
Safe Labour
Parmjeet Parmar (Nat)
Why Phil Goff hangs around is beyond me?  [Because what employer would have him? – Ed.] He has heritage that once was worth admiring, by taking on the student unions [and promoting free trade – Ed.], but now he's totally dripping wet.  National's Parmjeet Parmar has been a Families Commissioner, which isn't encouraging either, although she is a scientist and has worked in the private sector.  For now, I'd say give her a go, send Goff out. [If you can – Ed.]

Marginal National
Wayne Walford (Nat)  
With local real estate magnate Chris Tremain standing down, this has become a marginal seat, with Labour's Stuart Nash challenging National's Wayne Walford. Walford is inoffensive, whereas Nash is possible future leader to replace Silent T [and a nasty little man – Ed.].   Whaleoil is a fan of Nash, but I'm no fan of political dynasties, he wants a capital gains tax, and he wants the wealthiest to pay a "fair share."  
Bugger that, vote Walford.

Safe National
Maryan Street (Labour)
Despite having improved his performance [actually, only his rhetoric – Ed.], Nick Smith remains far too wet. I said vote Maryan Street last time to try to oust him and I'm going to say that again.  If that is a step too far, Paul Hufflett of ACT wouldn't be a wrong choice. [Nick Smith’s appalling disinterest in property rights has poisoned the National Party for years. No matter how bad she is, Maryan Street could not be more destructive. – Ed.]

New Lynn 
Safe Labour
Tim Groser (Nat)
Silent T's fanbase is here. Vote Tim Groser.  No explanation needed.

New Plymouth
Marginal National
James Gray (ACT) 
This is a seat that Labour is understandably targeting, with ambitious union hack Andrew Little seeking to slither his tentacles in here, but he is probably in on the list. Jonathan Young is the National incumbent, son of Muldoon era Cabinet Minister Venn Young and last time I noticed him he was opposing shops being able to decide when they trade.  So really, you don't gain anything with him.  Little vs Young is tweedledum vs tweedledee.  
So vote James Gray, he is a young ACT candidate who deserves your vote and if Young loses by the margin Gray gets he might learn something.

North Shore
Strongly safe National
Nick Kearney (ACT) 
Maggie Barry is a shoo in but doesn't believe you own your life.  So vote Nick Kearney from ACT [who’s a good man – Ed.] just to send a little message. [Or a large one – Ed.]

Safe National
Richard Hills  (Labour)
Jonathan Coleman let Kim Dot Com into New Zealand and for that he deserves excoriation.  Useless dick.  Richard Hills is the Labour candidate, whose CV is unimpressive, but Coleman deserves a slap.  Tim Kronfeld from ACT might be tempting, but I was put off by his CV. "When Davis Lange sacked Roger Douglas, Trevor De Cleene, Richard Prebble, I joined the ACT Party."  Here's an idea, spell David Lange right. Here's another idea, there was a 5-year-plus gap between Roger Douglas being sacked and ACT having been established.  [So this looks like a fabrication – Ed]
So hold your nose, vote Richard Hills to give Coleman the boot.  It's unlikely to work, but his failure over Kim DotCom is unforgivable.

Strongly safe National
Mike Sabin is the incumbent, and he strongly believes in the war on drugs.  Labour's Willow Jean Prime is part of Labour's identity politics, state-advocacy lot, so she isn't deserving of a vote against Sabin.  So what about ACT's Craig Nelson? Who knows? He has no profile on the party's website.  Unless you want to tick him solely on the basis that he is in Jamie Whyte's team [and there’s still residue around from Old Act, so be careful out there – Ed], I'd say abstain.

Marginal United Future
Sean Fitzpatrick (ACT)
Peter Dunne keeps the Nats in power! Really? What was he doing 1999-2008? Keeping Labour in power too, among others.  No. Vote Sean Fitzpatrick for ACT.  He was with Libertarianz, he is an entrepreneur and was a childhood friend of mine who I back 100%.  He deserves your positive vote for both his politics and his values [and for being a damned fine bloke – Ed.]. Don't even consider the others.

Safe National
Nathan Guy is pretty vacant and wet, but who else is there? Fred Macdonald who wants more money spent.  Amanda Vickers is a new funny money candidate. So: no-one. So abstain

Strongly safe National
Jamie Whyte (ACT)

Tell Maurice Williamson it is time to retire, and punish him for what he’s done to the building industry. Vote Jamie Whyte. It's obvious.

Palmerston North
Borderline Labour
Jono Naylor (Nat) 
Iain Lees-Galloway is a socialist partly behind Labour's hard-left transport policy, among other things.  He deserves a booting.  Mayor Jono Naylor from National is wet, but Lees-Galloway should be purged.  Consider it a shift from Stalin to Khrushchev

Safe National
John Thompson (ACT)
Crusher Collins is not a friend of liberty.  He doesn’t want it, but John Thompson deserves your electorate vote. Labour's left-wing Jerome Mika does not.

MORE TO COME - PRELIMINARY VIEWS BELOW [Keep up with Scott’s rolling updates here]
Port Hills - Geoff Russell ACT
Rangitata - Tim Corbett ACT
Rangitikei - Neil Wilson ACT
Rimutaka - Lewis Holden National
Rodney - Beth Houlbrooke ACT
Rongotai - Chris Finlayson National [strongly disagree! – Ed.]
Rotorua - Lyall Russell ACT
Selwyn - Paul Gilbert ACT
Tamaki - Mike Milne ACT
Taranaki - King Country hmmm
Taupo – Hmmm

Strongly safe National
Stuart Pedersen (ACT)
Simon Bridges has been disappointingly wet, so vote Stuart Pedersen from ACT to send that message

Te Atatu
Safe Labour
Stephen Fletcher (ACT)
Phil Twyford is well to the left in Labour,  Alfred Ngaro from the Nats is having a go at this seat but he is already a list MP and doesn't have a background that suggests he understands individual liberty or free markets.  Stephen Fletcher from ACT doesn't stand out particularly, but he is a more principled bet, so tick Fletcher. [Or stay home – Ed.]

Safe National
Duncan Lennox
Whaleoil points out that National's MP Craig Foss is a rent-seeking socialist,  Labour's candidate has other qualities ill-suited to her election [but not for other roles – Ed.] so vote Duncan Lennox for ACT.

Upper Harbour
new electorate  
Stephen Berry
You know the issue. It's National's Paula Bennett, who has a reputation for being tough on welfare and being on the right side of the party. Well Peter Cresswell gives enough evidence to suggest that no, she isn't really, especially when you have ACT's Stephen Berry standing for freedom, proud and loud and with a high placing on the ACT list.  Vote Stephen Berry, he's come a long way since I first met him and he'd listen, apply principles and stand up for what he believes in.

Strongly safe National
Mike Burrow
Lindsay Tisch has been far from a star and he is a shoo in, so the young Mike Burrow from ACT, who believes in freedom and free markets, deserves your vote instead.

Highly marginal National
Clayton Cosgrove  (Labour)
I supported Clayton Cosgrove last time because I didn't believe the Nats deserve to win any seats in Christchurch and I still don't.  However, Cosgrove embraced all the Nats did in Christchurch, and he’s far from a friend of freedom, so is it worth it to give the Nats a bloody nose? On balance, yes.  It is all politicians understand, and he annoys the Labour left.

Safe National
Shane Atkinson (ACT)
National's John Hayes is stepping down, replaced with Alastair Scott, who is another rent seeker.  Shane Atkinson from ACT believes in property rights, [a rare thing – Ed.] so give him a tick.

Strongly safe National
Jacqui Dean is a prohibitionist and environmentalist. [I doubt she’s had an original thought since playschool – Ed.] So what about Glenda Alexander the Labour candidate?  20 years a union official isn't inspiring. Abstain.

Wellington Central
Moderately marginal Labour
Paul Foster-Bell
I'll admit it, I voted National in my home electorate, primarily because Wellington Central tends to swing according to whoever is the government and there is a chance Grant Robertson will be ejected here.  Foster-Bell is rather wet [extremely wet – Ed.],  but given the relatively marginal nature of the seat I eschewed the obvious other choice (ALCP) in the hope of a change, if only one step. [Me, I’d be giving ALCP the big tick here – Ed.]

West Coast-Tasman
Moderately marginal Labour
Maureen Pugh (Nat)
Damien O'Connor annoys the Labour left, but Maureen Pugh from National has a chance of booting Labour from its heartland, again.  Vote Pugh.

Strongly safe National

Chester Borrows is standing again.  Alan Davidson left Labour and joined ACT, which is a good sign, but his profile says little. [Chester is a bully boy who says one thing one day and does something different another. Ignore him – Ed.]

Strongly safe National 
Robin Grieve (ACT) or Shane Reti (Nat)
Phil Heatley is leaving this seat [and not before time – Ed.] to Shane Reti, who is a doctor and believes in "strong fiscal responsibility" and has a career in several countries.  He ought to be a shoo-in, as he is a bit of an achiever.  Him winning is no bad thing, as someone who intervened on an assault. ACT's Robin Grieve isn't a bad option, although his profile has a spelling mistake he speaks wisely on climate change, so feel free to give him a tick.  Vote Robin Grieve or Shane Reti.

Barely safe Labour
Shaun Grieve  (ACT)
Jim Anderton's old electorate was a solid win for National on the party vote.  Megan Woods has a moderate majority (1500), but she was in Jim Anderton's party before he retired, so she's a big government socialist.  Karl Varley is the Nat candidate and is a "business strategist"; he seems inoffensive, though he thinks small businesses need "access to the right resources," which sniffs of wanting some of yours.  Pick Varley to boot out Woods, as she is number 20 on the party list so there is a good chance this is her only chance.  
However, if Varley doesn't inspire, ACT's young Shaun Grieve deserves your electorate vote as his profile shows he isn't afraid of talking about liberty.  Vote Shaun Grieve


  1. Peter, as an Epsom voter you should do a "Goldsmith/ACT" combination HAHAHAHAHA!!

    When they get to your ballot paper it will give the vote counters something to smirk at (and the ACT scrutineer conniptions) after wading through thousands upon thousands of "Seymour/National" combinations.

    Go on...just for a laugh...

  2. Not voting on the basis that our democracy isn't perfect, and letting others decide your fate is asinine in the extreme.

  3. @Tim: Nonsense. Voting is not yet compulsory. A conscious decision not to give thieves, liars and criminals your sanction is wholly admirable. By contrast, to give them your sanction when you know them for what they are *is* criminal.

  4. And, if you vote you can't complain for you have partaken in their sordid little game.


  5. James Stannard18 Sep 2014, 21:57:00

    If ACT weren't a feasible option, would you bother voting for ALCP?

  6. Hey there, Necon called Scott

    Have you actually met Dasha Kovalenko? Have you had a conversation and discussed anything of substance with her?

    Just asking.


  7. Amit, if you're going to engage in childish pejoratives, at least have the politeness to do it on my blog.

    I'd vote ALCP if ACT wasn't reformed btw.

    And no, oddly enough I've not met around 99% of candidates. I have met some, and not just former members of Libertarianz.

    You do need to have a sense of humour, I know you believe in private roads and free markets, but I do find it curious when someone not only takes a stance of non-intervention (which i can respect), but is apologetic for tyrants in their "sphere of influence".

    That just doesn't wash, but you are far too angry.

  8. Necon Scott

    I took a look at the horrifying pipeline of sewerage that is your "blog". Seriously not worth a re-visit. I'll repeat this though, It is highly dishonest for you to publish under the pretense that you are in any way a libertarian. You are not that. It is disgusting how you hijack the term when what you write is so shallow and plainly driven from the neocon view. Disgraceful, really, it is.

    So you have not met Dasha? Then how would you have a serious understanding about her or what she thinks?

    You are such a dishonest piece. If you know I am in favour of free markets and private roads why did you write dishonestly about me? And my point of view? Lies like that are not to passed off as humour.

    Quote me on this entire blog when I was apologist for tyrants. Because if you cannot do it then you are a liar again.


  9. Come on Neocon Scott

    Where did I support for tyrants in their sphere of influence? When you claim this you are a liar and you know it. Is this your neocon humour in action again?



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