Saturday, 30 August 2014

Crushed [updated]

Gutless, and gone?

UPDATE: Good riddance. A shame she wasn’t sacked for all her real offences.

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  1. Yes, good riddance!

    Like all females in politics she was greatly overrated, incompetent, intolerant, and out to get her own back on the pretty 'thin' girls she had to endure at school.

    She has reduced our liberties (for our own good, naturally), increased the powers of the State (for even more of our own good) and decided she should simply ignore little things like due process and natural justice because "we all know they are guilty so why waste time".

    Collins felt there was no need for Courts of law (except as rubber stamps) because her and Slater could sit down and decide the guilt and innocence of everybody.

    Sit back and watch the big cry baby display - as she will expect 'natural justice' for herself, but deny it to some teenager driving a car; she will expect 'fairness' for herself, but not for someone like David Bain; she will almost certainly expect the State to pay her legal fees (the lawyer of her choice, naturally) but deny legal aid to everyone else.

    She will also expect her mates to 'let her off' when her overwhelming guilt is established - although has spent years overseeing the railroading of poor, brown, stupid, ignorant people who have done far lesser crimes.

    Hypocritical, deceitful, rotten to the core.


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