Friday, 29 August 2014

Friday Afternoon Ramble


Mencken called elections “an advance auction of stolen goods” -- in which politicians bribe you with your own money.
At least the Taxpayers’ Union is keeping track of the bribes.

Everybody’s favourite anti-semite, in the House?
Poll puts Minto into Parliament – Audrey Young, HERALD

International experts stating the obvious.
International expert says land supply is the reason for house inflation – KIWIBLOG

He just can’t keep his hand out of our wallets. 2.5 per cent and 3.5 per cent rises will be his minimum.
Len Brown details Super [sic] City's 10-year budget – HERALD

Explaining the super [sic] city: “The totality of mankind’s history is dominated by two common yet opposing desires … the fight to concentrate power and the corresponding fight against the concentration of that power.”
It Was Good While It Lasted – RIO NORTE LINE

“Russel Norman says he is more of a disciple of market forces than is the National Party.” This wouldn’t be hard. “‘Everyone says National doesn't pick winners,’ says Norman, ‘but if you look at what they're actually doing, they're not pro-market, they're Muldoonist.’” This too is true. But Russel?
Greens pro-market: Russel Norman – STUFF
Posts at NOT PC on Russel Norman's economics – NOT PC

You know, there’s no reason it should cost taxpayers a red cent to make housing more affordable.
ACT's plan to reduce the cost of new housing by $100,000 and it does not cost the taxpayer a cent – Jamie Whyte, ACT

“With an indication from this week's TV3 poll that the Conservative Party will be in the next parliament I am interested in their welfare policy. But I can't find one.”
Where or what is the Conservative's welfare policy? – LINDSAY MITCHELL

“Socrates was an early whistleblower. He exposed many leaders of ancient Athens as hot-air know-it-alls and was executed for his efforts.
Today, whistleblowers usually avoid execution, though the enemies of Edward Snowden would like to bring the death penalty back for him. Most whistleblowers are harassed, labeled as troublemakers and, perhaps, as unstable; they are demoted, fired, prevented from collecting unemployment insurance, blacklisted from obtaining new employment in the same field, and sometimes sent to prison.
    “This is the reward they get for exposing the sleazy, dishonest practices of their superiors in the political-power-laden bureaucratic management of government.”
The Whistleblowers: An Indictment of the Mixed Economy and Bureaucracy – JERRY KIRKPATRICK’S BLOG

“A "progressive" income tax means this: The
harder you work, the more you are punished.”

- Will Spencer

“Let’s be clear: Al Qaeda, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, Boko Haram, the Shabab and others are all violent Sunni Salafi groupings. For five decades, Saudi Arabia has been the official sponsor of Sunni Salafism across the globe.
Saudis Must Stop Exporting Extremism – Ed Husain, NEW YORK TIMES

“There is outrage in the press this morning about the sexual abuse of 1,400 girls by Asian gangs in Rotherham in the north of England…. The abuse scandal exposes the dangers of welfarism and multiculturalism.”
What Rotherham reveals about the corrosion of community life – Brendan O’Neill, SPIKED

Britain’s die-while-you-wait health system is at least even-handed.
Ex-NHS chief dies waiting for op at her own hospital – DAILY EXPRESS

“Have we reached “peak progressive”? You know, like “peak oil”, except dumber, less useful and more dangerous?”
Peak Progressive? – RIO NORTE LINE

Where the progressives come from: “A new book reveals the damage education schools have done to pedagogy.”
When the Instructors Need Instructing – Sol Stern, CITY JOURNAL

“Progressives often insist they are “on the right side of history,” but their ideas failed 100 years ago… Today, progressives have recently raised tax rates on entrepreneurs, on capital gains, and on dividends—and they are surprised to see economic stagnation and record debt levels. What didn’t work a century ago is also not working now.”
The Progressives Are On The Wrong Side Of History – BURT FOLSOM

“[B]lurring the lines between civilian policing and military action is dangerous, because soldiers and police have fundamentally different roles. . . . The people [police] are policing aren’t enemy combatants, but their fellow citizens—and, even more significantly, their employers.”
Reynolds on Militarised Police – RATIONAL BEACON

“It is what you read when you don't have to that
determines what you will be when you can't help it.”
- Oscar Wilde

“Global sea level rise a bit more than 1mm a year for last 50 years, no acceleration. Pretty constant for hundreds of years actually.”
Global sea level rise a bit more than 1mm a year for last 50 years, no acceleration – JO NOVA

“From the University of Washington  and the department of Trenberth’s missing heat comes a claim that we’ll have to wait another 15 years for global warming to resume. Sounds like a goalpost mover to me.”
Cause for ‘The Pause’ #38 – Cause of global warming hiatus found deep in the Atlantic Ocean – WATTS UP WITH THAT

The sound of unsettled science: The guesses just keep a’coming.
39 guesses (and counting) about the global warming pause – GLOBAL WARMING POLICY FOUNDATION
Excuses for the 18 year 'pause' of global warming take a quantum leap up to #52 – HOCKEY SCHTICK

“Among his messages Wednesday, the oil industry needs to do a better job of selling itself. And that, according to Alex Epstein, begins with the premise that using fossil fuels is a good thing. In fact, the more the merrier."
The moral case for fossil fuels – KTVQ.COM

"Nitish who was happy to see the metamorphosis of the village, with its houses and streets illuminated with the two-week old 100-kW micro-grid installed at a cost of Rs 3 crore, was met by village youngsters carrying placards demanding 'real source of energy', and 'not the fake solar powered' one."
Bihar village clamours for real electricity – INDIA TODAY

“What you owe yourself is to work for your living; what
you owe your neighbour is not to interfere with his work.”
- Ayn Rand

“Don't screw with the markets.”
The Venezuela Case Study In How Not To Help The Poor – Tim Worstall, FORBES

“The multitudes who splurged $21.99 apiece on the Kindle edition of French economist Thomas Piketty’s best-seller, Capital in the Twenty-First Century, also spent about 20 minutes reading it. Based on Kindle-generated data, most readers lost interest in the 600-page tome by page 26 … 
    “The majority, then, have formed an opinion by reading what others have written.…”
Piketty: A book more often purchased than read – Gene Epstein, LOCKER ROOM

If they’d read it, they might have realised Piketty shows inequality falling sharply during the capitalist era …
Forget Piketty: How Sweden combined wealth and equality through capitalism – Andreas Bergh, CITY A.M.

“It would seem that the rosy picture of the Fed fixing the economy does not look as rosy to central bankers themselves once they have supposedly fixed the economy!”
Trouble at Jackson Hole = CIRCLE BASTIAT

“Make no mistake with QE still going on …  combined with Japan, China, England and the ECB all providing loads of liquidity to the financial system, risk-taking is off the charts … and the entire financial system is setting itself up for another massive, deleveraging crash once again.”
Even Mainstream Academia Worried about Massive Bubbles in Markets – ZERO HEDGE

“The current bubble in financial assets -- in both equities and bonds of all grades and quality -- raging in every major market across the globe is no accident. It's a deliberate creation. An intentional result of policy.
    “Therefore, when it bursts, we shouldn't regard the resulting damage as some freak act of nature or other such outcome outside of our control…  Blame can and should be laid where it belongs: with the central banks.”
I Blame The Central Banks – Chris Martenson, PEAK PROSPERITY

“I haven't failed. I have just found
10,000 ways that didn't work.”
- Thomas A. Edison

“It is well-known that World War I was expensive for Britain.” Maybe twice as expensive, at least, as previously thought.
Walking wounded: The British economy in the aftermath of World War I – Nicholas Crafts, VOX

Just as Hoover was a gift to Roosevelt.
Bush's Gift to Obama and the American Left – Michael LaFerrara, PRINCIPLED PERSPECTIVES

“[Alleged] actor Leonardo DiCaprio has declared war on Western industrial civilisation by funding and narrating a series of short eco documentaries urging us all to leave fossil fuels in the ground, cripple our economies with carbon taxes and embrace bird-frying, bat-chomping renewable technologies such as solar and wind.
The first film in the series on Carbon – co-written by liberal activist cum talk radio host Thom Hartmann – is riddled with basic errors, extremely dubious propaganda claims, and flagrant politicking on behalf of the more left-wing elements in the Obama administration...”
Leo DiCaprio declares war on Western industrial civilization – BLAZING CAT FUR

Too many libertarians still ignorant about property rights.  “It is bewildering, for example, to find a libertarian think tank arguing that government projects are superior to private property rights as a means of directing resources to innovative activities.” This might help …
Intellectual property and economic prosperity: Friends or foes? - Adam Mossoff & Mark Schultz, TECHPOLICY DAILY
Intellectual Property, Innovation and Economic Growth: Mercatus Gets it Wrong – Adam Mossoff & Mark Schultz, CPIP BLOG

Poor boy still hasn’t grown a brain either.


“This 1,600-year-old Viking war game is still awesome."
Viking War Game – GEEK PRESS

“From Nero’s decadent Golden House in Rome to Charles Fourier’s orgiastic “courts of love”; public toilet glory holes to Eileen Gray’s sexy Mediterranean hideaway.”
Erotic architecture: the sexual history of great buildings – NEW STATESMAN

“One of the great things about medieval art and architecture is that people just went in and did things. They didn’t build models and scale them up, building great cathedrals and abbeys was a learning process as much as anything else. This means many of these apparently perfect aspirations to the Heavenly Jerusalem have some often quite comical mistakes, corrections and bodge-jobs that once you see, you can’t unnotice.”
Great Mistakes in English Mediaeval architecture – STAINED GLASS ATTITUDES

Dane Swan suggested plastic wrapped butter slices. But this is more awesome.
Butter Knife 2.0 – GEEK PRESS

Just in case you missed this earlier …

It’s the Holy Bibles 20th birthday this week. No, not that Holy Bible.

I was doubtful too, but this definitely grows on you.

Hey, Kristin Hersh is in town Sunday!

[Hat tips Alex Epstein, Lindsay Perigo, Rational Beacon, Richard Goode, Peter Linton, Carbon Dioxide, FOЯEVEЯ DELAYED, Alex S, Perspective Pictures, TakingHayekSeriously, Buddha Teachings, Timothy Sandefur, The GWPF, Old Whig,, Archinect]

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend.

PS: This weekend I’m tracking down some of NZ’s just awarded champion brewery, Townshend Brewery. There’s a hell of a lot to choose from.  Here’s a few other prizewinners to check out:

Champion New Zealand Brewery: Townshend Brewery
Champion New Zealand Manufacturer: Townshend Brewery
Champion International Brewery: Boston Beer Company
European Lager Styles: Emerson’s Brewery Gladiator Bock (Gold)
International Lager Styles: Monteith’s Black (Silver)
British Ale Styles: Wigram Brewing Company Tornado Strong Ale (Gold)
Other European Ale Styles: Emerson’s Brewery JP 2014 (Gold)
US Ale Styles: ParrotDog BloodyDingo (Gold)
International Ale Styles: Panhead Custom Ales BossHog (Gold)
Stout and Porter Styles: Three Boys Brewery Oyster Stout (Gold)
Wheat and Other Grain Styles: Renaissance Brewing Black the RIPA (Silver)
Flavoured Styles (including Fruit, Spice, Herb, Honey and Smoked): Wigram Brewing Company Captain Cook Spruce Beer (Gold)
New Zealand Specific Styles: Townshend Brewery Oldhams Tap Riwaka Pilsner (Gold)
Speciality, Experimental, Aged, Barrel, Wood-Aged Styles: Panhead Custom Ales Black Sabbath (Gold)
Cider and Perry Styles: Zeffer Cider Company Slack ma Girdle Cider (Gold)
Cask Conditioned: Moa Brewery Five Hop Handpull (Gold)
Festive Brew: Behemoth Brewing Company Brave Bikkie Brown Ale (Gold)

That should keep you off the streets.

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