Wednesday, 26 March 2014

I am a diminutive monster of death and destruction.

Stepping out of a shower using hot water from an electric heater, wearing clothes spun by a mechanical weaving mill, typing on a laptop manufactured in a complex assembly plant from components shipped around the world on large ocean-going vessels, publishing using a very complex electronic network of switches and routers, and relying on a complex set of computers and infrastructure made of resources obtained from and powered by petro-chemicals,* environmentalist George Monbiot declares in an article he hopes “will inject you with a venom” that human beings are "diminutive monsters of death and destruction."

It would be tempting but facile to simply say to the Moonbat “speak for yourself, arsehole.”

It should be simple enough to explain to the diminutive fruitcake, if he weren’t an anti-human arsehole, that

Insofar as the essential nature of production and economic activity is to improve the relationship between the chemical elements constituting the earth and man’s life and well-being, it is also necessarily to improve man’s environment, which is nothing other than those very same chemical elements and their associated energy forces. The notion that production and economic activity are harmful to the environment rests on the abandonment of man and his life as the source of value in the world

It would be helpful if he could occasionally reflect on his misanthropy for a moment, to consider that human beings are part of the planet too, with a right to breathe and live free. That men and women who have moved mountains to make the human environment we (and he) enjoy today deserve praise and respect, not several helpings of bile from a dwarf dipped in man-hatred.

Helpful, but unlikely, because the Moonbat is just another in a long line of man-hating misanthropes who consider human beings as little more than, to paraphrase another arsehole, a cancer on the planet for which we can only wait for the right virus to come along.

A very, very, very long line indeed ….

* Hypocritical litany supplied by Michael Davé. Hat tip for story to Robert Tracinski.

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