Monday, 12 August 2013

This is Auckland’s future: Mansion or crack shack?

Auckland Mayor Len Brown reckons his “liveable Auckland” should follow the model of Vancouver, Canada—which he describes as "best practice urban planning."

Crack Shack or MansionYou can see why it’s a model for Lying Len: Vancouver is a city whose average house prices are a whopping nine times average income, making it amongst the most unaffordable city in the English-speaking world—and making it damned hard to tell the difference between a mansion and a crack shack.  See.

Play the game and post your score. (I got 8 out of 16.) 

And wonder as you play whether this is Auckland’s future under Len Brown’s Unaffordable Cities model.

[Hat tip Niko Kloeten for Franklin Councillor, standing for Affordable Auckland.]


  1. 11/16

    did you play the 2nd version also? There is something hidden in there to make it worth while...

  2. Reminds me of those politicians who praise Sweden as an example of a model society. That LB won the election at all, especially after it was found that he had, morally at least, been stealing from ratepayers, is indicative of the absurdity of democracy.


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