Wednesday, 14 August 2013

How much is a quadrillion?

The question is, how much is a quadrillion?

Answer number one: it’s twice Japan’s GDP.

Answer number two: that’s how much the Japanese government now owes, after trying to lift up its economy by overspending on the back of rapidly expanding government debt.

One quadrillion dollars. More than seven-million yen per taxpayer.  One-thousand trillion yen in total, owed to Japanese’s aging savers.

Here it is in zeroes:


And here’s the really sad thing: After twenty-three years of their government trying to fix their 1990 depression by borrowing and overspending , they’re still in it. And the debt they’ve amassed in trying to fix it has just passed the fifteen-zero barrier, and it’s accelerating.

But here’s what’s really, really sad: virtually every government in the west is trying to emulate them.

Think it will end well?

[Hat tip Riko Stevens]



    Explains everything in a nutshell..

  2. And yet they haven't collapsed with runaway Weimar Republic or Zimbabwe-style inflation, either. That puzzles me.

    Can you educate me (politely) on this score?



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