Wednesday, 31 July 2013

#SurveillanceState: An opposition leader has emerged [corrected]

Why is Russel Norman considered by so many the de facto leader of the opposition—despite Labour leader David Shearer having that titular role? And why is Labour considering having Norman in a senior role in any coalition they lead—despite his party’s loony economics, bankrupt proposals and misanthropic policy positions?

Perhaps he’s taken seriously, despite his frequent insanity, because when he gets it right he’s good—he’s very good.  And on his opposition to having the GCSB listen in to all of us whenever they feel like; to the government taking journalist’s phone records whenever they want to; to the monitoring of journalists’ communications by the defence forces,  he’s been virtually alone in integrating all of the attacks on privacy and a free media—and being very articulate in doing it. Listen here here, for example [from 3:30 1:50], to his succinct response this morning to these issues.

And David Shearer has been virtually silent, except when pushed.

CORRECTED: Audio link fixed.


  1. NZ politics is such a clusterfuck at the moment, I mean it's great that Russell sees an opportunity to push his barrow that is congruent with the non-intrusion of state into peoples lives, it's just all his other bat-shit crazy stances that worry me.

  2. Do you really think a control freak marxist like Norman really means what he says about this? He would love to be listening to every conversation between people he doesn't like. When he's in opposition he can pretend its all evil but in reality I think he hates that he can't snoop.

    He's nuts all the time buthas taken it to a sublime level where nuts begins to sound sensible.


  3. I don't know, he's just a dirty politician after all, isn't he just playing politics and would do the opposite if when he gets the power? Isn't he just Obama in '08?

  4. Hi just a note Peter. The Radio NZ link on post doesn't actually link to a clip with Russell Norman in it. It's got two other people.

  5. (Thanks Daniel. Fixed now.)

    @cheesefunnel (really?) , yes, I noted some of his bat-shit crazy policies. But on this issue he's been very good. He's like the little girl who had a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead ...

    @3:16, @Daniel: : Yes, of course he's playing politics. But when he plays it on the right ground he can be very good--and much more direct than Shearer, who suffers by contrast.
    And perhaps he would listen in if he came to power. Understand that I'm not suggesting we try that experiment.


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