Tuesday, 11 June 2013

"I Don't Care, I've Got Nothing to Hide"

RADIO NZ NEWS: The US National Security Agency uses a clandestine surveillance operation known as Prism to monitor computer and telephone networks around the world… practically every New Zealander who uses the internet will have data stored about them in the United States and it's not known how much the agency has fed back to security agencies here…

Yeah, they’re listening. Whatever.

Nothing to care about, nothing to think about, nothing to talk about, nothing to hide…

If you’ve got nothing to hide, then take down all your curtains and tear off all your doors.

And you should know that’s true.

[Hat tip Small Dead Animals]


  1. Is that why the US is so anal about recording people passing through or visiting? Land of the free my arse.


  2. Michael Jackson knew that someone is always watching.

    Somebody's Watching Me

  3. Ok, I agree with the message, but this is probably the most annoying video I have ever seen.

    God help us if she is the most eloquent voice for freedom.


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