Tuesday, 1 June 2010

‘Atlas’ starts shooting in two weeks! [update]

atlas-shrugged-book-cover-175x300 IN THE FIFTY-THREE years since is publication, there have been many twists and turns in attempts to get Ayn Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged to the screen, and many studios and many names associated with those attempts, ranging from The Godfather producer Albert Ruddy, to Russell Crowe, Mr & Mrs Brad Pitt and Charlize Theron. 

Now that the book is enjoying unprecedented popularity once again, it looks like another attempt will be made.  Indeed, rights-holder and Cybex exercise equipment owner John Aglialoro has just announced plans to begin shooting June 11 on the first of a projected four three movies based on the book, this time without the backing of a major studio, and more than likely with a cast made up of actors rather than established stars.

Story here.

UPDATE: Make that “a three-movie sequence, following the structure of the novel” – which makes much more sense, each of those three parts being almost a dramatic whole.


twr said...

Four movies??? That sounds like a good way to turn people off the subject matter.

Peter Cresswell said...

Works for me.

I can't for the life of me see how you could even begin to do the book justice in just ninety minutes.

Sand said...

Can't wait to see that. Thanks.

Jameson said...

A shlock horror screenwriter and a two-bit actor in the director's chair... I highly doubt this will be a worthy adaptation, folks. : /

Dave Mann said...

For Galts sake don't let that idiot Peter Jackson near the project to trivialise and overdo the special effects at the expense of the content. In fact, please tell me that the degenerates of Hollywood won't be involved at all... please..?

The idea of having actual *actors* instead of stars sounds good though.... hopefully the producer will go the full hog and employ screenwriters to create dialogue an' stuff along the lines of the original story too... ?

Sturminator said...

I think it sounds perfect. The timing for an Atlas movie release couldn't be better. Three parts - perfect. And entirely appropriate that it should be done by someone singularly determined to complete it against all odds. Rand would approve.

Plus I'll be very happy if doesn't have the creatively dead hands of mainstream Hollywood all over it. Unknown actors would be great too.

Glad to see also that Jolie is no longer involved - not that I've anything against her, but I always thought she is a Kay Ludlow, not a Dagny Taggart.

Dinther said...

Provided mainstream Hollywood would not turn this movie into an anti capitalist movie I would have rather seen it going big.

This is a message that needs to go out to as many people as possible and if that means watering it down somewhat then that is still better than having a fringe movie that preaches to the converted in 20 seat mini theatres.

But, hey there have been blockbusters made by small studios and unknown actors before. That would be the best of both worlds.

Shane Pleasance said...

A "reality TV" version could be shot right now on the streets of Washington.

Sturminator said...


Yes, I was taking it for granted that it the movie will do well. It's a hugely popular book and I think the movie will be big, even more so if it is made by a risk-taking entrepreneur who is going to do it properly. A bit like Lord of the Rings.

On the face of it, this project ticks all of the boxes for me.

The Tomahawk Kid said...

I look forward to it in anticipation and dread.

I cant imagine anybody letting the movie be made anything other than true to the core principles of the book, but who know today.

The good thing about Jacksons Lord of the rings movies was that the casting was great, and met the expectations of everybody I have spoken to about the characters in the book.

Another good thing is that Jackson did not re-write the story, and change characters into something other than the author had created them - he stayed true to the plot and story.

. . . then there are the gratuitous special effects, but there is not that much need for them in Atlas surely - apart fom Dagnys plane going through the cloud etc into Galts Gulch

I think Jackson could do it justice - with a little RESTRAINT!