Thursday 8 April 2010

Welfare for everyone?

If stimulus and bailouts are welfare for bankers-who’ve-failed, and Kiwisaver is welfare for suits-with-nothing-in-them, then surely the new politically-correct Whanau Ora scheme is just welfare for “welfare providers,” isn’t it? Welfare that is primarily to keep the likes of John Tamihere and Rongo Wetere in the manner to which they’ve become accustomed. Welfare for a Browntable of well-heeled ambulance chasers. Welfare that will end up costing us all more in the long run than the current welfare bill.

Cactus Kate reports. Here’s a slight edit of her thirty-second summary:

    _quote Quite clearly this is not some new private-sector initiative to provide services. It just means more money for Maori troughers--a transfer of your tax dollars from the black-suited hole of the public sector into the deep brown hole of the Maori troughdom upon whom are bestowed such "private" contracts…
    “All in all it doesn't solve any problems, just creates a movement of money from state sector and political apologists to Maori, many of whom have troughed for years with no measurable results to date.”

You think the Koru Club lounge is full of bone carvings now heading down to Wellington to pick up their cheques?  Then just wait until this welfare-for-Maori-Troughdom kicks in—Rob Fyfe will need to build new Koru Club lounges full of all the usual PC paraphernalia just to fit them all in.

To update what I said a couple of years ago when Turia and Sharples started floating this “war on the culture of dependency,”

    _quoteWhy's everybody so gosh-darned excited about Sharples and Turia high profile scheme—with uncapped budgets delivering unlimited payments to their mates.
    “Remember, these are still the same people who want ‘rangatiratanga’ -- which all too clearly to them just means 'independence' at your expense.  They still want something for nothing.  They're still tribalists and collectivists who think government should "fix everything, fund everything and give the Maori Troughdom the money and power to veto and control anything in their communities."

If the nature of this unabashedly race-based nonsense isn’t apparent enough now to the various cheerleaders for it, then I look forward to watching their howls of outrage when the likes of Tame Iti and Brian Tamaki start registering to be “providers.”  At least that will be some recompense for being forced to help pay for it all.

Whanau Ora? Just call it bullshit.


Cactus Kate said...

What I can't stand with the Whanau Ora is that Maori who have worked in the public sector (and failed to deliver services there) will simply be moved to work in Whanau Ora.

Watch in Wellington right now, Turia's inbox will be chocker and greasing will commence for all the contracts to come from this.

LGM said...

"Maori troughdom".

An apt term for it.


Anonymous said...

A glimpse at a Whanau Ora future is available if you look at the Cook Islands.

Dodgey is too weak a description.

Never, ever, ever let them near the till. They would make an Aussie barman look like a rank amateur.