Thursday, 8 October 2009

No Treasury No! [update 2]

The Herald reports: “New Zealand needs to overhaul its tax system . . . potentially increasing GST or imposing a land tax“!

And Farrar agrees – wouldn’t you know. “Go Treasury Go ,” he says.


What New Zealand needs is not new taxes, but fewer taxes.  It’s not a “broader tax base,” it’s fewer tax victims.  It’s not “slower growth in government spending,” it’s no growth in government spending. None at all.

What NZ really needs – especially at this time when businesses are struggling with lower returns – is drastically reduced government spending. It’s  the urgent removal of all the regulatory handbrakes on real production.

The correct response to calls for new taxes and a broader tax base is not “Go Treasury Go ,” but No Treasury No!

UPDATE 1:  I like this comment over at PM of NZ:

“As the hand wringers argue back and forth about a CGT and speak at great length about the pros and cons of raising Grab Snatch and Take, I do wonder if the priorities are totally wrong.

able to continue to deliver the revenue needed to fund what we have come to expect from the state.

Always about raising the take, never lowering it. “

Isn’t it ever the way.

UPDATE 2: And this, from Cactus Kate:

Forget saying no to "P" and other drugs of choice. Say "No" to new taxes. They are potentially far more harmful for government spending addicts.


  1. Farrar proves the point that the right are no friend of capitalism or liberty. What a cock!
    Perhaps "Fuck off Treasury Fuck off" is more apt.
    The Nats will consider this I bet - nothing like a crisis as an excuse to increase taxation, and more state power.

  2. The Nats will consider this I bet - nothing like a crisis as an excuse to increase taxation, and more state power.

    There is a lot of bad feeling between treasury and RBNZ. There is no way Key will support change at this juncture, I think.

  3. Farrar is a righty, Russell?
    I thought he was a weathercock...which ever way the wind blows etc.

  4. Only rational conclusion one can draw after almost a year is that the Nats are just as Nanny as Helen cum suis. Many, many opportunities to achieve smaller government have been left by the wayside, so now they must see how to finance their ineptitude to affect real change. Another 3 years down the drain.

  5. "There is no way Key will support change at this juncture, I think."
    Of course not--but not for that reason. Because the status quo suits the Nats very nicely, thank you.

  6. Bez

    Yes, you are right.


  7. We are already taxed to death, instead of tax cuts its tax increases from Labourlite, the poor voters always get conned.


  8. the poor voters always get conned.

    No they don't - the "poor" voters always vote Labour or Green, that is, they vote to SPEND MY MONEY

    It's the rich voters who chose to vote National instead of ACT that got conned! And ACT voters that got conned when ACT voted to Raise TAXES

    The underlying problem here is a very simple one: 90% of the country live on the backs of a productive 10%. 50% at least of the country are on direct benefits paid for by about 10%, and the other 40% aren't productive enough to pay their way.

    The solution is clear: the 10% who pay for the country must decided what their money should and should not be spent on!

    If you don't get that fixed, well the 50% will keep voting Labour, Green, or National, and the 10% will keep leaving NZ for more productive and rewarding countries.


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