Monday, 3 November 2008

Extreme tree-huggers

If you're wondering what sort of people outside of Nick Smith's office get so upset about exotic plantation pine forests being converted to productive dairy farms -- upset enough to do this, and this --  then here you have the answer; it's the sort of people who do this:


Reminds me of this Nick Kim cartoon:


UPDATE: Jeff Perren reminds us that tree huggers grow up to be coal industry destroyers.


  1. Oh... my.... god...

    [stunned silence]

    I love nature as much as the next guy. I'm a keen walker in the wilderness and would love to own a pristine chunk of bush to nestle a little cottage in.

    But this... This is just madness. Worse, it's religious madness.

    When will the Eco-Inquisition begin?

  2. Wow PC this is just amazing. I have met some posessed people in my life, but this is out there...

  3. And naturally, I'm looking forward very much to designing you that bush cabin -- when you stop your global roaming. :-)

    And yes, it is madness. Emotionalism in the service of misanthropy.


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