Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Taxpayer-funded blogging

Yes, taxpayer-funded blogging.  No, not me you fools.  I'm talking about the Labour Party client blog called The Standard AKA The Stranded, AKA The Double Standard, AKA the Sub-Standard.  (I won't post a link to the site because every time I visit my anti-virus software goes into hypermode.)

This is a blog run by geeks with no name who spew out patent garbage promoting this government that even Heather Simpson would reject as too fawning -- geeks who continue to insist that the Electoral Finance Act is justified to prohibit anonymous participation in politics.  And it looks like they're using our money to do it.

Earlier in the year it appeared clear that these geeks were paid Labour flunkies using a tax-paid Labour server to post their anonymous rubbish. After much media interest, Labour president Mike Williams insisted they weren't, and even if they were they were going to stop, and even if they had been they've stopped now.

They haven't.  It appears The Double Standard still pumps out its hot air, lies and spin on a taxpayer-funded Labour webserver -- that's a big piece of hardware you've paid for, dear reader, so that the the Labour Party can run its office, not so Labour flunkies can help them run for office.    Details here.  That's a piece of hardware, just to remind you, that Labour Party president Mike Williams has previously insisted the Standard boys and girls are barred from. 

Guess not.

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  1. oops - http://www.thestandard.org.nz/?p=2231

    Best have a look into it before taking Whale too literally in future eh?


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