Monday 12 November 2007

"Nothing to hide"?

Tame Iti returns home to the plaudits of a fawning media and announces " I have nothing to hide."

Fine then, let's take him at his word -- except we can't. It would mean ignoring the efforts of his lawyers, his co-defendants and his supporters to shut down and suppress the evidence of what he was up to with his 100 trainees in those six camps with all those munitions.

If he truly has nothing to hide, then instead of patsy interviews with braindead interviewers eager for nothing more than a pat on the head and a signed photo with their hero -- the same sort of braindead fawning these same analysts did with David Bain -- let's see him instead agreeing to the release of all the evidence that's been compiled of his and his co-defendants' actions over the last two years.

Then we might be able to agree he has nothing to hide. Until then, then you know his word is worth as little as John Minto's.

UPDATE: Speaking of Iti's lawyers and milking the gullible, as I was, Annette Sykes, "the woman who clapped and cheered when the World Trade Center was attacked and destroyed is now running to an international body that treats North Korea, New Zealand, Syria, Sweden and Burma as moral equivalents." Notes Liberty Scott in 'The Immoral Plead to the Amoral,'
Sykes (who for some inexplicable reason can still command some respect in the media) is going to go to the United Nations Working Group on Indigenous Peoples. A body which has as its full time, Western taxpayer funded job, to criticise Western governments for treatment of Indigenous peoples, whilst treating the corrupt ridden tinpot quasi-democracies of Africa as being great models of decolonised empowerment. You know, the type of body that throws stones at New Zealand but ignores Zimbabwe, because (after all) Robert Mugabe is indigenous...
How do you spell 'opportunism'?


Anonymous said...

It seems to me that they get these interviewees because they (a) pay them (b) go easy on them.

Rebel Radius said...

He tries hiding his face, but wow that doesn't work - duh!

Anonymous said...

Everyone would be in a better position to judge Tama Iti's activities were he to agree to the Police and SIS evidence being released to public domain. If he doesn't, then it is still possible to make a secure judgement about what he was up to.

So Tama Iti, what's it to be? Are you to be trusted? Is your word true?


Anonymous said...

Can we get that Maori clergyman to perform an exorcism on him? That's what I want to know.

KG said...

"How do you spell 'opportunism'?"
l.e.f.t.y. l.a.w.y.e.r.

Anonymous said...

Does Annette Sykes use the legal aid to defend her clients?