Wednesday 17 January 2007

More marketing shite

Tom Beard comments on the book 8 Tribes: The Hidden Classes of New Zealand, another "attempt by marketers to conjure up demographic or psychographic clusters among New Zealanders."
While I haven't read the book, I have plenty of reservations about what I can gather from the articles and the web site. First, the word "tribe" seems inappropriate [he sure got that right], since it conjures up images of tightly defined and feuding clans: "tendency" might be more accurate. Attempts to promote it as a "new class system" seem way off the mark, given that it's not a hierarchy. The online "Find your tribe" quiz seems hardly more substantial than those cheesy memes, and the descriptions of the eight tribes seemed to leave out substantial chunks of New Zealand (especially those whose main allegiance is to tribes that existed long before PR consultants).

But it's definitely fun...
Well, I don't know about fun, or even about accuracy, but here, according to the marketing graduates, are my own 'tribes':

Raglan I like. But Grey Lynn? Anyway, find your own 'tribe' here.

LINKS: Find your tribe - 8 Tribes
Tribes of Wellington - Tom Beard

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deleted said...

Grey Lynn, North Shore, Cuba St..

Nothing wrong with Grey Lynn.. providing you don't donate to greenpeace..

Anonymous said...

30% Grey Lynn, 30% Raglan, 20% Balclutha, 15% Papatoetoe.

Let me see, I've lived & worked in or close to all of those suburbs. But I've never felt a particular attraction to any of them.

Guess they don't have a 'anywhere you hang your hat is home' tribe do they?

Strange considering the number of Kiwis that have spent a significant amount of time overseas...

Rebel Radius said...

Raglan 75%,

Grey Lyn 35%, Cuba St 5%,
Papatoetoe -5%, North Shore -10%

And I did spend my Xmas holidays at Ragalan :)