Friday 5 May 2006

Beer O'Clock - Galbraith's Grafton Porter

This week's 'Beer O'Clock post is from guest author Stu, from the illustrious Real Beer site.

The labouring people, porters etc. experienced its wholesomeness and utility, they assumed to themselves the use thereof, from whence it was called Porter...
- 'Obadiah Poundage', London 1760

Hardworking men, such as myself, must go to extraordinary lengths to satisfy a thirst. Whether it's the leafy height of summer or the gray barren depths of an Auckland winter, Galbraith's Grafton Porter satisfies even the most insatiable thirst.

This inky dark ale, historically made as nourishing drink for the working classes, has a soft palate of dark chocolate and roasted malt, followed by a gentle hop smack in the bittersweet finish. It is indeed so good that it often becomes the central reason for me making a trip to Auckland (I pretend I've got work to accomplish or friends to visit). The judges of BrewNZ whole-heartedly agree, having awarded it a gold medal and judging it the best in class, amongst extremely strong competition, in the Stouts/Porters section of the 2005 competition.

Available on traditional handpump or in takeaway flagons, and only from its brewpub birthplace at Galbraith's Ale House, this dark ale is just as good a summer evening sipper as it is a winter draught excluder. Lucky Aucklanders get yourself down there and enjoy one of the best made ales in the land. If you're scared off by the bar room black hole that is Porter, then Galbraith's also has one of the most varied selections of beer in Auckland and is second-to-none as a great place for eating, drinking and chatting with good friends.

Slainte mhath
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Duncan Bayne said...

It also has a wide range of whiskeys, if my memory serves correctly.