Sunday 30 April 2006

Beer O'Clock: Emerson's 1812

Unfortunately, in heading off to see a couple of projects around the place I left Auckland too early on Friday to post the usual Friday afternoon Beer O'Clock suggestion. But fear not: Sunday is also a drinking day, thank the Lord, so here courtesy of guest blogger Neil Miller from the much-esteemed Real Beer blog comes this week's beer-centric advice:

It is too nice an autumn day in Wellington to be cracking into the dark winter beers just yet. For this week's Beer O'Clock I thought I would profile one of New Zealand's most highly decorated beers - Emerson's 1812.

Michael Jackson (the beer authority - not the dodgy singing one) rated this beer as one of the top 500 beers in the entire world which is high praise indeed. Jackson rightly noted that brewer Richard Emerson (pictured here some years ago - Google is marvellous) "makes some of New Zealand's best beers."

Emerson's beers were once rarely seen north of Christchurch. Now thanks to a bigger brewery and a better distribution system these beers can be readily found right round the country. My nearest stockist for example is 37.4 metres away. Hooray!

Anyway, the 1812 is an light copper India Pale Ale with a solid fluffy head. It throws a robust nose of orange, citrus and spice and backs that up with a juicy malt body bursting with orange, chocolate and honey notes. There is a strong yet smooth bitter finish from the characteristic generous use of hops (including dry hopping). Enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

A sage choice, only eclipsed by his Pilsner. A prince among beers.

Andrew said...

Bernard, I suggest you check out the Inch Bar. They have 4 or 5 Emmerson's on tap. On Tuesdays they hand-pull 1 selected Emmerson's for the evening.

Stu as "Stu" said...

You couldn't have picked a better beer to start with Neil. Some sense around here, at last!

And what an cheeky name for a beer.