Thursday 11 July 2024

Labelling everything "far-right" normalises the real far-right

"Progressive devotees have expanded the scope of who and what is 'far-right' ... [But] if milquetoast conservatives get into government as ‘far-right’ and govern in a way with no perceptible difference to the liberal consensus ... then it normalises the idea of far-right government. ...
    "If mothers growing their own food are far-right, the pro-life church lady is far-right, the radical feminist who isn’t keen on transvestites is far-right, the liberal who gets fired for not using progressive speech codes at his corporate job is far-right, then no one is going to bat an eye at the real far-right – whoever they may be and wherever they may lurk. When the progressive says, ‘But he’s far-right!’ about someone with genuinely reactionary political aims and the means to achieve them, no one will recoil in horror.
    "Instead they will think, ‘Ah, so he is just like me.'
    "The funeral pyre of progress has been constructed by the hands of its faithful devotees and awaits only the match that will set it ablaze."
~ Dieuwe de Boer from, his post 'The Funeral Pyre of Progress'


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