Friday, 1 July 2022

"Vaccines have directly or indirectly saved about 20 million lives worldwide, reducing the death toll of the pandemic by close to two thirds"

Image by Daniel Schludi, via Unsplash, license.

"Between leftists sowing panic about Covid (and overselling the Covid vaccines) and Trumpsters all but pretending Covid doesn't exist (and yet that the vaccines didn't work at all, or were even dangerous), I can understand why many people had trouble reaching a solid conclusion about whether taking one is a good idea....
    "With that out of the way, here is some good news as a respite from the bad coming from every corner today: Researchers have estimated that, despite their delayed and far from optimal rollout, the Covid vaccines have directly or indirectly saved about 20 million lives worldwide, reducing the death toll of the pandemic by close to two thirds...
    "[Further,] the longer the vulnerable evade the virus, the less vulnerable they become relative to the original virus. For example, I am glad to know that Paxlovid is available now, if my wife or I catch this.
    "That's both good news and a lesson for when the next pandemic happens, if one should occur in our lifetimes. If that happens, 'part of me wants to catch this and get it over with' will not even cross my mind!
    "And that would be true, even if the next one doesn't turn out to be able to reinfect.
          ~ Gus Van Horn, from his post 'The Millions Saved by Covid Vaccines'


Mike Webber said...

Not true, while real vaccines such as measles chicken pox and others, have saved many lives, the covid 19 jab has not. It is not a vaccine but a rna gene therapy which has months to go before passing initial safety tests and years for long term safety tests. All around the world it is shown that more jabs mean more cases and deaths. Less than 60 nz deaths can so far be confirmed as caused by covid 19. The rest died with it, not of it. 83 percent of people in nz hospital have been jabbed 2 or 3 times. The jab is not safe of effective. Look at the people who are promoting this scam.

Anonymous said...

Far from the reality Mike.
NZ and any antivaxer needs to identify their marginal minor view as such.
NZ has 98% single & 96% double vaccinated.
Recent Omicron data, pre border reopening, shows 50% of covid hospitalations are the unvaccinated (yes from that 2% proportion)
When 20 or more die from one resthome over a couple of weeks, who cares if it is "with covid", the primary cause is the virus.
Deaths in hospitals mirror the hospitalations, so the unvaccinated are proportionally hit hard.
Let's see how unvaccinated North Korea fears.
Only 2 cases out of 4+ million doses given in NZ are under medical investigation for a possible death from being given the jab.So they are very safe.
At my work 33% in total have now had covid, and we have excellent reporting. 75% of the unvaccinated have also had covid, so disproportionate.
Luckily no hospitalations all round.
The Antivax feedback I hear is all about them and their rights, and little regard to others including the vulnerable.
The headline article appears very valid, at least to 98% of Kiwis, who are likely to agree with it.
(Anon, NZ Covid-19 Project Manager)

gregster said...

The Covid Project Manager cherry picks..

“Excess mortality is the smart, objective standard. It includes all deaths, whether from COVID, the indirect effects of COVID (such as people avoiding the hospital during a heart attack), or the side effects of lockdowns. And it gets rid of the problem of underlying differences among countries, allowing a direct comparison of their performance during COVID.”

“Our World in Data, a database maintained by the University of Oxford, shows that Sweden continues to have low excess mortality, now slightly lower than Germany, which had strict lockdowns. Another study found no increased mortality in Sweden in those under 70. Most recently, a Swedish commission evaluating the country’s pandemic response determined that although it was slow to protect the elderly and others at heightened risk from COVID in the initial stages, its laissez-faire approach was broadly correct.”

Anonymous said...

True. Thank you 🙏

MarkT said...

Gregsters response is a good example of why it's difficult, and many times impossible to have a rational discussion with anti-vaxers. Rather than focus firstly on the bare facts, and let their opinion be derived from that - they conflate it with all sorts of other issues, and let their pre-existing opinions on unrelated issues determine their perception of the facts. In this case we have a post about the efficacy of vaccines, and his response is to go on about the effectiveness of strict lockdowns - which has nothing to do with it.

Anonymous said...

Do you dispute the linked article. I can provide more. I’m not an “anti-vaxer”. I’m anti experimental ineffective therapies. This therapy will be shown to lessen immunity. Get a grip.