Monday, 30 May 2022

"The brilliant blatancy of the Russians..."

"What forces itself on one's attention is the degree to which everything favours the evildoer, if he is blatant enough. Any honest Government fights (in peacetime) with two hands tied behind its back. The brilliant blatancy of the Russians is something that we can admire but cannot emulate. It gives them a great advantage."
~ Alexander Cadogan, the first Permanent Representative of the United Kingdom to the United Nations, said to Winston Churchill in 1946



Anonymous said...

Yeah. Ukrainian military shells the Donbass every day without respite since 2014. Some 14,000 (non-military) civilian deaths. Think on it. How blatant was that? Meanwhile the West funded it, trained the people who did it and made sure it looked the other way. The brilliant blatancy of Russians? Really?

PC said...

I can see why you post anonymously. I'd be embarrassed too if I posted that. "The overall number of confirmed deaths in the war in Donbas, which started on 6 April 2014, was estimated at 14,200–14,400 through 31 December 2021, including non-combat military deaths. Most of the deaths took place in the first two years of the war between 2014 and 2015." It comprised 3,404 civilian deaths, 4,400-4,641 UKR military deaths, and 6,817-6,917 Russian and pro-Russian military deaths.

PC said...


Anonymous said...

Wikipedia- the font of all mainstream knowledge. You ought to know better.

Be wary of fuzzy wuzzy crafted terms like, "Russian and pro-Russian military deaths". Twisted definitions and bent language like that is used to hide reality. UN figures and OSCE figures are not reliable. They are generated and manipulated for political reasons. They remain silent about the rounding up and mass killing of civilians by the 'elensky regime. They hide the killings of civilians by using deceptive classifications and ignoring some of the killing altogether.

Interesting that you are as silent as a church-mouse about the West funding and training and looking the other way. So brilliantly blatant. Enough that you missed it.