Monday, 17 January 2022

Trader v Warrior ...

"You might be a millionaire industrialist but find yourself shunned by the 'haut ton' on account of having made your money through trade. Strange as it may seem, it is socially acceptable to have inherited your wealth from knights who slaughtered people in the Middle Ages but not to have made it yourself by manufacturing useful things that improve people’s lives." 
[Hat tip HumanProgress]


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    Have you seen Peter Cresswell's take on this?
    No I hadn’t, but just took a look at his wanky sophistry over the word “force.” What an ethical disgrace the man has become to liberty in this nation.
    Through pure intellectual vanity (behold his advertisement of his summer reading list), he has shown himself to be nothing more than the moral twin of David Seymour:

    I had no idea Very PC had descended to this level of delinquency. A complete Jacindanista. "Don't talk to your neighbours; dob them in in, if they're so 'unhygienic' (deplorable and irredeemable) as to refuse a government-mandated injection that does not save lives but rather destroys them." [Edit—Perhaps it would be nearer the truth to say: it's not clear if the vaccine saves lives; it is clear that it does not bestow immunity or non-transmissiveness, and so is not actually a vaccine; it is clear that natural immunity is stronger and longer-lasting than that acquired via the "vaccine"; it is clear that we don't know the longterm effects of this "vaccine," particularly if indefinite boosting is required; it is clear that the "vaccine" has already killed some people and seriously inured others; it is clear that catching Wuhan is nowhere near fatal in the overwhelming majority of cases and all the hysteria has been whipped up by tyrants of the kind Very used to despise.] Never mind the Bill of Rights or any of those other pesky complications.
    No doubt Very PC is now the toast of the multi-jabbed Remuera set, especially since his every second word is "fucking." Very cool in Remuera right now. "Bomber Bradbury is one of my closest fucking friends, did you fucking know, darling?" Except, I gather, even Bomber has shown a moral compass on this issue, unlike Very and his moral twin Seymour.
    Pfollow the Pfucking money, I tell you, if you want to know why there's so much Pfizer-Pfascism abroad.


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