Saturday, 15 January 2022

"The Great Awokening has not crowded out Millennial Socialism. It has absorbed it...."

"It is a commonly-held view that ‘socialism vs capitalism’ was yesteryear’s divide, while ‘woke vs unwoke’ is where the action is now: pronouns are the new tax rates, and cancellation is the new nationalisation.
    "The problem with this argument is that it is only true on one side of that divide, namely, the ‘un-woke’ or ‘anti-woke’ side. The opponents of Wokeness do indeed tend to get far more animated about the latest Culture War shenanigans than by the latest economic policy announcements. They also find it easy to form loose coalitions over a shared cultural outlook with people with whom they disagree on economic issues. (For example, a left-wing critic of Cancel Culture can easily get a piece published in a [so-called] centre-right publication.)
    "But it would be a huge mistake to assume that something similar must be true on the other side of that divide, i.e. that on the progressive Left, woke identity politics has somehow crowded out socialist economics. Quite the opposite is true. It is hard to think of a prominent woke culture warrior who is not also a committed anti-capitalist.
    "The Great Awokening has not crowded out Millennial Socialism. It has absorbed it.... Thus, the Culture War is by no means ‘beyond economics’. Instead, economics has become a major front in the Culture War."

[Hat tip Samizdata]


Anonymous said...

There is no more to be said. It's all over. Western Civilisation just rolled over with nary a bang or a whimper. Deranged flocks of crazed sheeple demanding a burnt offering. Ayn Rand's "hatred of the good for being the good" was never more starkly or repulsively exemplified than by this. The world's greatest tennis player memory-holed for Thought Crime, with the support of every Western politician and "journalist" and "academic" who knows better but whose bank account has been swelled by Pfizer. Inexpressibly loathsome.
"Everyone has the right to refuse medical treatment." Yeah, right.

faggwells name along with all those with blood on their hands, Ardern and every single coward and brainwashed killer have been taken and when the Nuremberg 2 trials come , those who went along with this globalist communist DAVOS Agenda will be held to account as the Nazis were, put to death when found guilty..

MarkT said...

Sounds like the confession of a loser who gives up too easily.