Saturday, 23 October 2021

Why not have fries with that vaccine?


"The only reason that the commentators are bewailing the 'staggering difficulties' of getting everyone vaccinated is that they never dream of putting the vaccine on the free market."
          ~ Harry Binswanger, 'Government Force Sabotages Vaccine Delivery'

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  1. Fries were exactly what were offered with the vaccines. And donuts. And many other foods to bribe people.

    It didn’t work. They only got the US to a 53% “fully vaccinated” rate. They got NZ to a 58% fully vaccinated rate.

    What we saw til August (in the US) or October (in NZ) was as free of a market as we're ever going to get.

    But we haven’t really had a free market in vaccines for over 50 years. Vaccine makers have been offered indemnity from liability starting in the 1980s and, when that was no longer good enough in the era of covid-19, started making secret agreements with countries to demand embassies and military bases as collateral. After being funded to the hilt by taxpayers and/or paying billions in criminal fines.

    It only gets less free from here on out until the system of coercion collapses under its own weight. Which it will. It’s inevitable.

    The reason the percentage doesn’t go higher than this is that people are sick of the lies, the moving goalposts, the fraudulent business environment, and the silencing and punishment of those speaking out.

    Let’s now address the concept of purely private action when it comes to association (for silly people who want to believe in fairytales that these new vaccines protect others, which they don't. But let’s run this though experiment anyway).

    There were ample opportunities for months for this sort of "free market" action to have developed in the US, in all sorts of middle-ground states where there are neither state-run vaccine passports, nor where vaccine passports are banned (Florida, etc.).

    Frankly, it’s been seen here now in the US for 9 months that businesses in these states don't want to create a two-tier society in their customers. The only place this type of free association/segregation developed was in private social groups.

    It hurts businesses’ profits and it’s very expensive to enforce. A common refrain in restaurants in states with mandates is “We’re not the vaccination police.” That's especially happening in states with mandates like NY and CA. The restaurants are simply refusing to enforce it. Why? Because covid-19 is not smallpox.

    People love great products. If people were dropping like flies from covid-19 and the vaccine actually protected people, then people would take the vaccine up, and businesses would take an interest in providing more value to customers.

    My cousin attends a university (William and Mary) where 100% of the student and faculty are vaccinated and covid-19 was spreading like wildfire a month ago. Happening all over in universities that are shutting down and returning to virtual classes.

    As for me, I’ll be eating fries at In N Out Burger first chance I get. It's time to end this circus and get off the merry go round.


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