Friday, 12 August 2016

The ‘Road to Serfdom’ cartoon


Hayek’s Road to Serfdom – all in a five-minute cartoon!



DISCLAIMER: Well, maybe not all.



  1. The best person to plan your life is the person that looks back at you when you look in the mirror. Not some self serving politician, bureaucrat who doesn't know you.

  2. I am convinced that the most effective, and intense form of internet is the short message, with graphics. This can be seen at the lower and extreme end on facebook. Witness the slogans you will see there like Tick if you love your grandmother, and the saccharine picture that goes with it. Roses in a basket with a benign old lady..
    At the level of Hayek’s Road to Serfdom the uncoloured still drawings with precise messages, run as a video are easily assimilated. It reminds me of how powerful newspaper stories are, with our tendency to believe them .
    It is only when you read or see something absolutely contrary to your knowledge that you question it, and even then tend to believe the rest of the printed nonsense.
    So, in my case, I can expect to get a good pass in Hayek, general economic theory of intervention versus planning, whereas Mises,who did not produce jokes, comics or drawings may leave me with a D fail.
    We have been led to shorten our attention spans.
    Even as the Hayek Road to Serfdom was running, I was drained into the music with it, I think Beethoven in one of his bad weeks. It is not the same music that was in the original Detroit version, and I can not place it.
    If anyone is interested in the kick arse end of impact graphic political video, Google .Black Pigeon . This video maker will turn you from a passive immigration and integration progressive to a militant Nationalist in the same five minutes as you watched Hayek.
    Or maybe not. We know that messages from either side tend to build up and re-enforce existing opinion.
    Take me reading PC on the value of Immigration. I need drugs to believe it, evidence is boring, just as a planner
    watching . Hayek Road to Serfdom will conclude at as he thought, Hayek was completely in the tree, and left out insignias inside the black arm bands, in recognition of the next great collective planner.

  3. Music too sad. Samuel barber Adagio for Strings


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