Thursday, 16 June 2016

Real questions before dumb answers


Suzuki Samurai has a few questions for those of you with all your dumb answers …

What would have been the conversation had the gay hating Islamo-fascist blown up the building with a fertiliser bomb? - Crop dusting?

What would it have been if he'd detonated a petrol truck upon crashing through the front door? - Trucks? Petrol? Driving?

And do the anti-gun folk seriously want to disarm themselves in the face of the real prospect of Trump becoming the president? - a man they claim, and I agree, is a fascist?

Lots of simple answers this week, but hardly a decent question being asked. 




  1. Yes, thats right PC we are all dumb except you. You are almost clinically self righteous.

  2. and now, the first political murder in the UK since the IRA, is being treated by a few on the illiberal left as because of the "hate" stirred up by the EU referendum.

    He shot the MP twice, in a country where there is heavily restricted gun ownership (and the perpetrator had a history of emotional torment).

    Meanwhile, nobody has pointed out that the leader of the party the MP belonged to, provided succour and strong support for an organisation that actively murdered British MPs.

  3. Some simple answers then:

    Had he used fertilizer, they would regulate the sale of amonium nitrate like they did after Mcveigh (Admittedly it took 12 years to pass into law, but thats the power of special interest groups)
    But he used an assualt rifle.

    Had he used a fuel truck? If we had several fuel truck explosions in the last 8 years, 17 of which were large enough to force the president to issue a statement, you bet your bottom dollar we would be regulating the hell out of large volume petrol sales.
    But he used an Assualt rifle.

    Had they used boxcutters on a plane? We would ban boxcutters on a plane. Had they used a liquid explosive on a plane? We would ban liquids in large quantities on a plane.
    But he used an Assault rifle.

    Every single time a new attack vector has been identified it has been shut down. And with amazing effect: How many times since 9/11 have boxcutters been used to kill 3000 people: 0. Fertilizer bombs after Mcveigh: 0.
    Except in the case of assualt rifles. And once again the data is clear: Shootings with assault rifles are becoming more frequent and more deadly every year.

    Should America disarm themselves against a potential Trump? That is the weakest argument against gun control ever. Should we arm ourselves against Winston Peters?

    Trump, if he does become president, will be democratically elected.
    If he acts inside of the constitution there are checks and balances.
    If he acts outside of the constitition he has to convince the army to follow his orders, in defiance of congress. If they don't, the people don't need guns.
    If they do, 10 guns in each household will not be enough. The idea that Paul Blart with a AR-15 can go toe to toe with a trained squad of marines is straight up fantasy.

    Now make no mistake: I am against gun control, at least the way the Democrats envisage it.

    New Zealand seems to have the mix about right.The fact that we rarely, if ever, have mass shootings of any description, yet anyone who wants a gun can get one, seems to suggest that we are doing things right.

    I am, however, against shitty arguments, and Mr Samurai seems to have them in Spades.

  4. That's right it's dumb to suggest that substantial Muslim immigration into NZ would be a disaster. Everything would be just fine.

    But I bet you have never, and would never, visit or live in a Muslim country. So why would you advocate mass Muslim immigration here? You're hopelessly full of shit.


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