Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Brexit B.S.


Liberty Scott points out that Granny Herald knows even less about the Brexit vote and Europe than it does about the news happening under its feet.

…its editorial on the issue is  woeful, it misses the point and is dotted with errors.  There is nothing in the editorial about the key problems with EU membership, around how EU laws are developed undemocratically (introduced by the European Council, MEPs can't introduce legislation), how the EU is inordinately wasteful including on policies that harm New Zealand's economy (including the Common Agricultural Policy) and harm developing countries.  Nothing about the protectionism of the EU slowing the ability of the UK to trade freely with growing economies in Asia and Latin America. 

But apart from that, Mrs Lincoln, how did you enjoy the show? Not much:

  • “It's not true that no country has ever left the EU…”
  • “It's true that Brexit could encourage a break up of the EU, but is that necessarily a bad thing?”
  • “The Herald editorial paints the picture that Brexit somehow increases the chance of Russia invading the EU? Why?  NATO provides the security guarantee for its members, it isn't weakened by the UK leaving the EU - at all.  Why would it matter?”

More ignorance put to the sword than a Martin Bradbury blog post being fed through a very sharp shredder.

Read it all: NZ Herald wrong about EU referendum – LIBERTY SCOTT


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  1. The #remain campaign being run by NZ farming orgs is similarly woeful and fact challenged.


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