Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Trump, Sanders, Clinton … who votes for these people? And who made them so dumb?


Don’t worry, you’re not the only one outraged, appalled or enraged by the American presidential primaries.  ‘“This is not a fucking game show,” the rest of the world reminds America.’ Yes, that’s satire, but it’s satire that reveals much truth.

How did America get here?

Well, you’ve seen the people who vote for them . . .

How did the voters get so dim they’d be ready to choose almost anyone?

Easy: They were made that way. They were made that way by their government schools.

This wsa explained, as it happens, by one perceptive philosopher who saw it happening over a generation ago, speaking about here in that year of Our Orwell, 1984. image

Do you think perhaps the evidence on those subsequent generations is now in?

They’ve been voting for a strong man, for hope and change, for whatever weary slogan whose Bern they can feel for a moment, or just for whoever makes them smile, voting as if they were choosing which contestant will go through to the next round of a celebrity f’ing cooking show.

If you’ve been wondering whether those voting right now might have had part of their brains removed at some time in the past, then you’re right. It has.

How that happened is the real story. The problem then, and now (and both there and here) is not so much what is being taught in government classrooms, but how it’s taught.

It’s been taught in a way that removes the part that thinks – the very part that makes us human, that could have made them free independent thinking men and women instead of the helpless mindless pawns the candidates are now harvesting like so much chaff.

Read the philosopher and find out how it was done – and how it’s still being done in our schools, there and here, today.

READ: The American School: Why Johnny Can't Think – Leonard Peikoff, CAMPUS.AYN RAND



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  3. If the Trumpenfuhrer gets the repub nomination we are booking tickets for US in November. he will shred the Goldman Sachs nominee

    Make Merica great again. It will be a blast.


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