Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Jonah Lomu, 1975-2015 [update 2]

Terrible news of Jonah Lomu’s passing, at only 40 years of age!

This was the moment [from 3:12 in the video], in a Rugby World Cup semi-final demolition of England, that he burst onto the world stage as somebody truly unique …

What a fabulous few moments of joy that gave every New Zealander who saw it – especially if, as I was, you were in a rapidly-emptying room full of Englishmen at the time.

Vale Jonah.

UPDATE 1: Stu McKinlay from the great Yeastie Boys brewery just posted this “dry-eye challenge,” from the documentary 'Back to South Africa'—and filmed just a few weeks ago. “No wonder Joost van der Westhuizen made such a tearful tribute to Jonah Lomu this morning.”

UPDATE 2: The 1989 results at Wesley College, Jonah’s high school, tell a story …

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  1. Very sorry to hear this. Yep, the thrill he brought us on the field with that unique mix of size, power, speed & skill. Too early. Adieu Jonah


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