Tuesday, 15 April 2014

OMG, But They’re Breaking the Law!

They’re breaking the law! OMG! Society will break down!!

Ah, maybe not. Just look at these dangerous, anti-social rule-breakers…








More dangerous rule-breakers here. [Hat tip Jim Matzger]

PS: I always figured there’s a great opportunity for rule-breaking holidays around the US, heading around the country to break every state’s weirdest sex laws. Mind you, you’d probably want to avoid Utah and Alabama. And probably Nebraska.

A Map of the Weirdest Sex Laws in the United States


  1. Meh. Actually It all looks pretty childish.
    "Look at me! I'm flaunting a minor rule/request/suggestion, I'm SUCH A REBEL!!!!"

  2. Oh. Sorry.I didn't realise you were so mature. Anonymous.
    Do let us know when you find something truly amusing.

  3. Considering libertarians are even more insufferable when they're trying to be funny, I'll be waiting a while for that.

  4. I hope to one day grow up to be like anonymous - an example to us all. Not doing too well. Oh well..

    He's probably the kind that gets all shirty when I park in handicap zones. I wonder what unspeakable things were written on his soul in childhood? My money is on Sesame Street.

    Not to imply of course that PC is not generally a disappointment. Think his mum posted on this a while back.

  5. I always liked the poster that used this picture from The Sound of Music

    ... but titled it as: "These People are Dangerous Rebels"...


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