Wednesday, 5 March 2014

ECONOMICS FOR REAL PEOPLE: No history of ideas, please, we’re economists

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Our friends at the Auckland University Economics Group are starting up again for the year, with the first session tomorrow night, Thursday. Here are the details…

No history of ideas, please, we’re economists

The events of the past six years have given us grounds to rediscover the lessons of the past. Yet many economists consider that studying the history of economic ideas is an indulgence that, while potentially interesting, is nothing more than a distraction from the real issues facing the world today.

But aren’t those who understand history better equipped to avoid repeating it?

This Thursday, our guest presenter will look at the history of economic ideas and specifically at  the events that led to ideas of Adam Smith – and argues that a sound grasp of these ideas matters immeasurably today.

This fascinating multi-media presentation will set the scene for many of the topics that will be covered during our seminars in 2014. Don’t miss it.

    Time: 6pm-7pm
    Date: Thursday 6 March
    Location: Uni of Auckland Business School, Owen Glenn Building, Grafton Rd, Level 0, Case Room 1

All welcome!


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  1. I see no mention of 'supply side', Reaganomics or my Hero Arthur Laffer


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