Monday, 24 February 2014

Len Brown Stand Down March: Media Manipulation Analysis


Vinny Eastwood and Stephen Berry analyse Saturday’s Len Brown Stand Down March,

a big success according to its organisers and in a way this is evidenced by the enormous criticism thrown at it by desperate left wing commentators and woefully inaccurate reporting by the establishment media.
To counter this propaganda we are releasing a critical analysis of a number of these news stories and blogs so that the public may be made aware of the lengths these scumbaggery filth will go to protect the corruption, financial incompetence and lies of Auckland Mayor Len Brown.

See if they make their case:

This link is the full 90-minute discussion between Vinny and organisers Will Ryan (above left) and Stephen Berry (above right).

This link is their discussion of Martyn Bradbury's comments on the march.

This  link is their discussion of Cathy Casey’s handbagging, and Peter Haynes’s comments on the march.

And this link is their discussions of NZ Firster Curwen Rolinson's comments on the march

[Pic from The Vinny Eastwood Show]


  1. Considering that Vinny believes that Mainstream Media Bias is responsible for their woefully inadequate coverage of such topics as the global depopulation agenda, the dangers of vaccines, the evils of fluoride and so forth*, I suspect the coverage of Len Brown is nowhere near as bad as Vinny thinks it is.

    * "so forth" apparently includes the Christchurch earthquakes being caused by HAARP.


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