Tuesday, 7 January 2014

13 most popular posts for 2013

Stephen Hicks’s post highlighting his 13 most popular posts for 2013 suggested to me I should do the same. So here’s what you, dear readers found most popular* here at Not PC – my lucky 13:

  1. Remember the Bhopal disaster?
  2. Twisting the Treaty: A Tribal Grab for Wealth and Power
  3. You can't get rid of poverty by giving people money
  4. Sorry Russel. you’re wrong
  5. Why is this young couple subsidising the ‘Politicians Bankers Welfare Fund’?
  6. One Law For All
  7. The Complete Idiot’s Chart to Understanding the Middle East
  8. Where’s the tar and feathers?
  9. A message from Ayn Rand
  10. Why you can’t take the "slam" out of "Islam"
  11. “I’m guilty of gross violation of equality of opportunity, racism and possibly sexism.”
  12. Inevitable Inflation?
  13. Middle Eastern democracy, in pictures

Interesting. Out of the most popular thirteen there are …

  • three on Islam and the Middle East
  • only four or five, really, are directly NZ stories – and two of those are on racism
  • only one, possibly two, are on economics
  • around three in total are on racism
  • three are basically just cartoons borrowed from others
  • only three are guest posts
  • and there are no popular posts bagging Christianity. Sad really.

So I guess what this should tell me is is to write more on racism and the Middle East, borrow more cartoons from Facebook, bag Russel Norman mercilessly while leaving the Christians and economics alone – and maybe post more pictures of cats.

How many of those do you think might happen?


  • the most popular age group reading Not PC is 25-34, which describes around 36% of readers
  • around 54% of you are male, and 46% female
  • over 51% of you read from NZ, around 15% from Australia, 4.3% from the UK, and between 1 to 2% from Canada, Germany, France, India, Italy and Brazil
  • around one-third of you now use Chrome to read this, around one-quarter Firefox and Internet Explorer, and one-sixth Safari, and bugger-all mobile apps
  • of the 8% of you who do read this while out and about, fully 95% use a tablet (80% of those an iPad) and only 5% a phone (only
  • and bugger all of the 250,000 of you who visited bothered to comment.

* * * * *

* At least, according to the number of visits to each post as measured by Google Analytics.


  1. Welcome back & a happy new year!
    It's difficult to comment, because the publish button frequently disappears when the security code turns up Sometimes, it drops it guts completely & I lose everything I have written.

    B. Whitehead

  2. More cat pics? You never had any cat pics. I'd remember them. Daily visitor, excellent site. The Friday ramble shuts me up for ages. Happy twenty fourteen etc. and so on. More cat pics!
    J Cuttance

  3. after a wee look at your latest posts, then your holiday reading list, I can see why your readers don't comment too much, struth man, you really need to get out more. Mayby read a John Grisham novel and go to midnight mass. Might do ya some good.....

  4. @BWhitehead: Sorry mate, not much I can do to repair that, beyond suggesting you copy your post before pressing "publish" and, if all goes tits up, just paste it back in and try again.

    @JCuttance: You must have missed my very popular series Libertarian LolCats. We were thinking of doing a book.

    @Anonymous: If John Grisham and midnight mass are what you call "getting out more," then perhaps I could return the advice. But lovingly, of course.


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