Monday, 23 December 2013

Summer Reading

A few of you were distraught* that I hadn't yet posted my bookstack of holiday reading this year. So here it is, all ready for me to realise I'm going to need a bigger bag.

* Distraught, adjective, di-ˈstrawt, from the Latin distractus meaning somewhere between mildly curious and hardly caring.


  1. "The Invention of Jesus' by Peter Cresswell? Rereading your own work?

  2. John Lennox read everything he could get his hands on from all sides of debates, with the blessings of his parents, rather than limit himself to what he wanted to believe. That seems a more balanced approach than your selection which appears to be generally of a boringly predictable flavour. I bought Shackeltons Whisky some time ago and found it very interesting although frustrated that the govt luddites wouldn't allow it to be sold. In any case, have a merry Christmas.


  3. Sorry to disappoint you, @Anonymous. I guess I just don't have the blessings of my parents.

    @Dolf, sorry, no, just a very happy coincidence.

  4. Have a great break, Peter. Immensely enjoyed your blog over the year.

  5. Why, thank you, sir. And your's too. Enjoy your holidays.


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