Thursday, 5 December 2013

I support Rodney Hide for Epsom

_RodneyHoodRodney Hood ponders a comeback

Speculation all over the place this morning that Rodney Hide might be the man to lead ACT back from the toxic wilderness to which he dragged it.

There's talk of Rodney Hide coming back as leader of the party.
Former ACT candidate Don Nicolson says Mr Hide could be the man to turn ACT's fortunes around…
    “Don Brash said there are four members who would be able to step into the role. He said Jamie Whyte, Catherine Isaac, David Seymour and Rodney Hide have all been mentioned as strong candidates.
    “"I would welcome as many people as possible putting their names forward [
said this year’s ACT party president], and if Rodney Hide wanted to put his name forward for that nomination, I know he'd be very welcome, and a number of members at our party no doubt would support that.”

Speaking personally, I really hope Hide does step up to the plate and stand again for Epsom. I wholeheartedly support his candidacy, and for one very simple reason: because it would be the first chance Aucklanders have had to tell him what they think of him for the complete fricking super-shitty disaster he made of Auckland.

For which he deserves to be very soundly thumped.

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