Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Some random Cup questions

How do you manage to go sideways in one race for the Auld Mug just when you’re catching up, and then put yourself dead in the water at a start in another one—putting your boat right in the way of the other boat—just at the moment it looks like you’ve taken the advantage?

From 8-1 down to 8-7 (or 8-9 if you exclude the court’s penalty against Oracle) are we witnessing the greatest comeback ever in any major sporting contest?

Isn’t that a reason to admire James Spithill and Russell Coutts, instead of denigrating them?

Given that sailors are saying Oracle is a better boat but much harder to sail well, and it took some learning time in those first few races to get it right, isn’t that even more reason to admire their cool heads when losing, and their skill and application now they’re winning?

Is it just me, or is the frustration many New Zealanders feel at being on the receiving end of the amazing comeback turning just a little bit into an entitlement mentality? As if we’re somehow entitled to the world’s oldest sporting trophy? As if the sporting gods should hand over the Auld Mug just for our effort?

And given that Oracle has just crossed the “-2 threshold” initially imposed by the courts, isn’t the contest likely to end up back in the courts if TNZ were to pull out one last win? [UPDATE: Question is null. Larry Ellison confirmed this morning it won’t happen.]

Is there anybody else who isn’t listening to Pete MontCommentary on Radio Sport/NewstalkZB instead of the moronic Martin Tasker on TVNZ?

UPDATE: And finally, can anyone hear the fat lady out back starting to gargle?

Do you have any random rhetorical questions of your own you’d like unanswered … ?


  1. Yes. "Can I have my tax dollars back please?" (Whether we win or not).

    I asked this on twitter and got a LOT of hate in return. Like, if I'm morally opposed to having money forcibly taken from me to fund something against my will, I'm a bad person.

  2. Where now are the Ninja's that placed NZ flags on Larry Ellison's home in what was a truly embarrassing spectacle?

  3. After Oracles turnaround the on board team motivation, nz do not deserve to win this

  4. I think Spitthill is an amazing man who is to be congratulated; he is following my own attitude in life in not giving up with you are 8 - 1 down (happened many times).

    I think if you spend time in the Viaduct or Parnell and observe the 'yachting set' at play it is the usual JAFA, "Muh! muh! sweety darling" poofy girly man brigade - not exactly 'real' men with balls - and no surprise they cave in at the first sign of trouble.

    No one is a more patriotic NZer than me - but business is business and I have been placing $50 bets at the TAB on Oracle to win since last Thursday (money for jam! haha!).

    When you know a thing or two about the sort of people who are Oracle's opponents who can resist such guaranteed profits?

  5. Did we really need to go to all this effort to prove that a group of Auckland boat builders with a limitless budget can beat another set of Auckland boat builders with a big, but limited budget?

  6. If we lose (or win), can we please have the IRD not filching taxpayers dollars any more for this sport? Use your own money. Or put up a Kickstarter, with benefits for the contributors.

    Another one: can the clairvoyants who predicted a NZ victory in today's races please take up crochet instead? Or, at least put this result on their CV?

  7. Team NZ is a tax-funded parasite, so I hope Team USA wins

  8. This has been entertainment at its most entertaining. I like watching the yachts race. I am sad that after this week there will be no more of these fantastic boats racing in the morning. Kiwis people can be pleased that their local neighbours are the world best in building and designing and running these magnificent machines. It shows what can be achieved if competence is respected and people are able to produce with less hinderance from the ninny nanny busy body ones than is normally the case.

    And also the tax dollars that were used in this was a spend on a better use than would be the case otherwise. The only better use for the tax dollars would be if they were not taxed off in the first place. But since they were, the boat is better than anything else that government was going to do with the money (they really ought to give it all to me).


  9. Greig

    No. You can't. And you know you can't.


  10. I've been watching on Youtube, it's magnificent stuff and regardless of the outcome, it will be quite an achievement for either side. However, it will be nice to finally put the nail in the coffin of taxpayer funding for it, but I suspect Key and Silent T both think it is popular.

  11. Amit: A guy can dream, right?

  12. Greig

    Yes. You are right and you are not bad (for wanting to keep what is yours).



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