Thursday, 11 July 2013

Lady Liberty

Last week I posted saying the United Police States now no longer represented liberty, so I would be taking Lady Liberty down from my blog.

A friend however had a better idea, and he sent me a slight but subtly appropriate modification to Our Lady.  (Can you see it?)

Thanks Paul.


  1. I disagree with your stance.

    The Statue of Liberty is an undying symbol, if not the best, of the ideas that made the great America, that once was, so great.

    As such, it is not something that politics of a given day can change. Moreover, the gradual undermining of the principles of freedom do in no way alter the intentions and ideas of those involved what was the greatest country in history.

    While I too shed a tear at the state of things, there is no way that they can undermine these great ideas, even if they can stifle them politically. Therefore, defacing what is still one of the greatest images on earth is unwarranted, or at least counterproductive to your cause.

  2. You don't think she'd be crying at what she sees today?

  3. Indeed. Yet this is besides the point.

    Would Mozart cry at the state of music today? Arguably, yes. Should we thus go and record sobbing over all of his major works? No, because the decline in musical talent in the main in no way detracts from the greatness of his works, in fact it elevates them.

    Likewise, the decline in the realm of ideas in the main in no way detracts from the greatness of the ideas that Lady Liberty stands for and what these accomplished. Let's not make her voice unheard behind a wall of tears.

  4. But after all it is your masthead; if you wish to accept defeat on the Lady's behalf that is up to you.

  5. I think it is powerful.
    We know how good thinks could be, and care deeply that they are not!

  6. The lady had a liberty torch but not a Liberty Bell. Soon, I'll be able to play liberty bell as if I have been playing it for a long time.


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