Monday, 1 July 2013

Don’t tolerate Islam, condemn it.

Don’t tolerate Islam, says Craig Biddle, condemn it.

How do you square this with the right to freedom of religion?

In answering, Biddle discusses the difference between respecting rights and being tolerant, the fallacy of package-dealing, the nature of Islam, and the fundamental reason so few Westerners are able to categorically condemn a religion that calls for their death.

Exhibit One for Biddle’s argument, from many thousands: Singing in the Rain (the Islamic Version):

"Smiling sisters shot dead for dancing in the rain: Pakistani girls, 15 and 16, killed along with their mother for making video which 'stained the family honour.'
Noor Basra and Noor Sheza were playing outside their home in Chilas.
The clip was circulated via mobile phones but caused outrage in the town.
The sisters were shot dead last Sunday alongside their mother.
It is alleged the girls' step-brother planned the attack with four accomplices to restore the family's honour.

[Hat tip Gena Davidovich]


  1. "respecting rights means leaving people free to act on their judgement" ~ Crag Biddle, moron.

  2. Good on him for condemning Islam!

    It is wrong to call Islam a "religion". It is in fact an *ideology.* A violent, hatemongering and totalitarian ideology.

    There are two big reasons that Islam is an ideology rather than a religion -

    * It concerns itself with much more than merely the followers' well-being. Shari'a covers vast areas such as inheritance law and many other aspects of law.

    * It concerns itself with the *hatred* of those outside it - this is a very large part of Islam (as can be seen in the Koran).

    Those two things show that Islam is an ideology with merely a very thin veneer of "religion" on topof it.


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