Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Racism doesn’t come cheap

The Auckland Council's new race-based Independent Maori Statutory Board, set up under Rodney Hide's super-sized city council legislation to "advise" the new Council, is instead going to take it to court—demonstrating concisely the role it plans for itself in the new structure: as an expensive race-based thorn in the side of Auckland’s new body politic.

Board chairman David Taipari—who had clearly been looking forward to disposing of of $5.4 million over twenty months will instead have to manage on only $3 million—insists that Rodney Hide’s law requires that ratepayers “meet the board's reasonable costs.” The first cost ratepayers will begin meeting is the cost of the board’s lawyers.

Marvellous, don’t you think?

But it gets better.

An outraged John Tamihere, who’s scored himself the lucrative role of Funding and Planning Committee Chairman for the new super-sized Council, told Morning Report this morning this was “the first time Maori had the right to participate in a council,” and it would brook no dissent—saying the Maori Board was determined if necessary to “relitigate” the legislation setting it up.

Tamihere is a self-serving fuckwit.

This is not the first time Maori have been given racial preference in law to interfere with a council’s business. The Hamilton and Porirua City Councils and the Marlborough District Council all have set up mechanisms by which racial interference can be effected, and the Bay of Plenty Regional Council has since 2001 reserved three race-based council seats for Maori.

And the sorts of threats Tamihere and Taipari are throwing around make it clear the sort of role they see for the un-elected Board.

And that’s not simply to issue “advice,” is it. No, this is, for them, a real race-based power grab. One for which money (yours) is no object. Mike Lee explains the issue, in case you’ve missed it:

_Quote_Idiot Mike Lee … said what happened would influence the constitutional development of the country.

This issue is that important.

Yes it is.

He does mean it.

So let us pause for a moment to thank the legislators, politicians and intellectuals over many years who have so naively made it all possible.

And thank especially those braindead morons who wrote this recent legislation.


  1. This is like the nonsense perpetuated by the left that this is what happens when the government doesn't give Maori representation on council.

    Maori have representation on council, they vote and they are theoretically represented by whoever wins no more or less than others who vote.

    Nothing stops them standing, but it takes a certain form of racist nationalist to believe that unless you are represented by your own race, you can't be represented. As if women can't be represented by men or vice versa.

  2. If people vote for a mayor who slaps himself in the face they can't complain when he slaps them in the face as well.

    The simple solution is to pass these costs on only to the idiot ratepayers who voted Brown in.

  3. "The simple solution is to pass these costs on only to the idiot ratepayers who voted Brown in."

    Now that is a good idea!

  4. "The simple solution is to pass these costs on only to the idiot ratepayers who voted Brown in."

    And how about the idiots voted for the morons who wrote the legislation requiring a race-based statutory board?


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