Thursday, 13 March 2014

REPOST: Palmer House - Frank Lloyd Wright

3724477944_532f85b3c7One the many Usonian Houses Frank Lloyd Wright completed in the last decades of his life, Wright once told apprentice John Howe he “…would have placed the Palmer house at the top of his list.” 3724478122_c7fa5d3a01
Not bad when that list included works like the Hanna House and Fallingwater.
PalmerPlanThe Palmer House was another of his houses designed on a hexagonal module.
3724478034_8a8e947e2c No ninety-degree corners, allowing the house to open up and spaces to flow easily into one another--and the occasional acute angle to bring nature in, as here in the “Tea House.” (Note to the lighting hidden in the ceiling decks—always more interesting seeing light rather than light fittings.)
gallery__0009_09 Click the video to take a tour, or head to the house’s website.
[Pictures from Michigan Modern and The Palmer House website]


  1. WOW
    That top photograph really does it for me.

    I can take or leave art and paintings and sculptures etc, but I can sit and look at great architecture all day


  2. Another stunning example. For me, evolution of Architecture over the last few years has highlighted just how far ahead of his time FLW was.

  3. Richard McGrath27 Aug 2010, 12:00:00

    Amazing place at a relatively cheap rental (check the Palmer House link) - about $NZ500 a night for 6 people - I'd be a starter!

  4. Richard McGrath27 Aug 2010, 12:02:00

    Amazing place and relatively cheap to rent at about $NZ500 a night between 6 people - I'd be a starter!


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